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  • Middle to high income tourists to Cape Town (local and international)
  • Local Arts lovers and the ‘Arts-curious’
  • Parents of young children
  • Well-educated men and women who enjoy exploring art / life / science and more

“I would like to compliment you on your excellent site. It is clearly stated,
covers all tastes, and is reliable and fresh. I am so happy to have found you.”
Karen Laidlaw, reader



Statistics“I recommend without reservation the services of WhatsoninCapeTown.”
Lesley Liddle, Cape Town Opera


“Being on your website is transforming my business.
I’m getting sales from overseas visitors and also corporate bookings, both firsts!”

Kate Crane Briggs, CultureConnectSA


Please refer to our Submit an Event page


Depending on budget, we can offer campaigns of any length from a day to a year, based on the following:

  • Standard Listings
    Individual posts promoting and event and/or a venue.  These can include (branded) booking links and video clips, as well as links to relevant social media platforms.  Standard listings can be found via keyword searches, date searches, area searches, category searches or our ‘Quick Reference’ pages such as ‘Museums & Attractions‘.  All events listings appear on our app as well as our website.
    (normally R350 per post.  Free with larger campaign)


  • Featured Listings
    The Home Page offers a prominent ‘Featured’ listings at the top and a carousel of ‘Must Visit Venues’ further down. Venues are invited at the Editor’s discretion. These listings  automatically receive more coverage on social media, newsletters etc.
    (From R400 for one day)


  • Featured Articles & Newsletters
    f we consider something particularly newsworthy, we might write an article and post it on the website and send it out in a special edition ‘Breaking News’ newsletter.
    At Editor’s discretion


  • Featured Videos
    The ‘Video of the Week” on the Home Page is also promoted on social media and our YouTube channel.


  • Social Media Promotion
    Primarily Twitter and Facebook.  Options for photo albums, videos, targetted boosting etc.
    (from R150 per campaign.  Free with larger campaigns)


  • Promotional Giveaways
    High prominence is given to our Competitions and Giveaways on the Home Page.  These giveaways also receive promotion on our newsletter and our social media platforms.
    (R500 per campaign.  Free with prizes valued at R1200 or more)


  • Banner Advertising
    On website, app and newsletter.  Various sizes and levels of exposure offered.
    (from R800 per week) As a guideline, for a budget of R5000 to R10000 per month over the period of one year, we can offer a high level of promotion via all the above options.We want to deliver what you need, at a rate you can afford.  If you would like to discuss a campaign, please drop a line to


“The show was most enjoyable, something which I might not normally have attended, but that is what is so great about your site and newsletter: it opens up new experiences.”
Neil McLagan, Competition winner


“Your piece is not only a triumph of poetical journalism, but you also palpably understand what our mission is about. To be understood in this confusing world is of value beyond expression. Thank you and your colleagues for the valuable work you do.”
Bill Knight, The Cottage Club