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Back to basicsBack to Basics offers a holistic range of services including Pilates, yoga and personal training, in an intimate setting with no more than 8 participants per class.

Pilates is a mind, body conditioning exercise programme that targets the deep postural muscles of the abdomen and spine to improve core stability. Back to Basics Pilates instructors include Michelle Marais, Ettienne Heydenrych, Charmaine Kritzinger, Katerina Mrackova and Christine Thomas. Classes can be done in a small group or privately, with or without a physiotherapist. Classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Back to Basics will also offer ‘Preggy Pilates’ starting July, offering a simple and effective routine to prepare the body for a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier labour and a quicker recovery.

Othélia Lewis teaches a fusion of various styles of yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness and guiding you on a journey of self-discovery, using physical postures/asanas to create a fit, supple, healthy and strong body together with pranayama/ breathing techniques to extend and control the breath, creating strong, healthy lungs and a body filled with energy/prana. Together the asanas and pranayama create a relaxed body and mind, forming the basis for meditation. Classes are open to all fitness levels.

Chair Yoga
Instructors focus on breath work and stretching whilst seated, which allows yoga to be accessible to everyone. If possible, participants move into basic standing poses for balance benefits.

All clients are initially assessed by Amore Barry from Katherine Tait Physiotherapy, who also teaches two rehab Pilates classes per week. Information from the assessment is given to the instructor to ensure that participants are well taken care of during their class. Physiotherapy and sport massages are also available at the studio.

Health and Nutrition Coach Fiona Thornton (Into Nutrition) helps participants achieve an optimum health and lifestyle through better nutrition, coaching, programmes, and ongoing motivation and support (Separate fees apply).

Personal training is available on request.

Venue: Unit 2, College House, Village Place, Parklands, Cape Town
Time: See schedule here | Preggy Pilates Weds 11am | Chair Yoga Weds 2.30pm
Cost: Pilates R220 – R1045 | Yoga R80 – R850 | Personal Training R180 – R2450 | Chair Yoga 80 per session, Pensioners R50

Tel: 021 557 5593
Website: |
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