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What's on in Cape Town app

The NEW What’s on in Cape Town App is a fantastically convenient way to check up on the best things to do in the city. As sleek and efficient as it is elegant, it also happens to use very little data.

Users can search for events and attractions in Cape Town either by date, area, category or keyword, and you’ll find all the necessary information right at your fingertips – prices, opening times, venues, key details and everything in between.

The App uses Google Maps to show you exactly where events are located, how far they are from your current location, as well as the directions to get you there.

Ideal for Capetonians and tourists; Android and Apple users alike, the What’s on in Cape Town App is your key to explore.

Download it now for free. We know you’ll like it.

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  1. The Whats on in Cape Town app is the best. My social life is definitely more busier than before since I have downloaded the app. And did I ever mention that What’s on in Cape Town and I are best buddies. I get to read up on interesting local news and get to know pan my weekends all with one app.

  2. Just downloaded the app. Would love to win the case as I love the Durbanville wine route and the wines are amazing.

  3. Oh wow, app downloaded! It’s awesome, all that I need for looking at what’s on in Cape Town! Thank you!

  4. Yay!! Have downloaded the app for quick and easy access!! Thanks for making it so simple! Holding thumbs now…imagine winning this competition?! Wow..

  5. Great app. I’m always looking for the latest info on events, markets and concerts etc in Cape Town. Will defenitely share this with my friend and family visiting from overseas.

  6. almost draw day!!!! Love the app and we have been using it every weekend!! It’s my girlfriends 30th on Sunday! How amazing it would be if I could give her this massive surprise to go away for a special weekend with a few of our friends!

  7. Yay me for finding the app and installing it successfully! Yay to you for keeping up with technology and consumer habits! Love the app!

  8. Downloaded, looks pretty easy to use and very intuitive. I just find having to actually click on the green arrows a bit clunky, rather make the whole “event line” a button, I.E being able to just click on the event and not via the small green arrow button

  9. Marie van der Merwe

    Stunning app to down load. Just to thanks for this I can just click and I am where to want be

  10. Super awesome app – especially for newbies to Cape Town♡ it!
    Never been to Aquila but would love the opportunity to take my friends and family for my 40th in September. Wow! That would seriously help the transition into the fabulous forties! :-))))

  11. 5 star app!!! The app makes it easy to stay up-to-date with all the latest and hottest events in the mother city! The UI is effortless to use, smart and attractive. The added GPS tagging is very helpful. This app elevates the existing brilliant service offered by What’s On in Cape Town and I look forward to seeing further developments with the app over time. Well done!

  12. Fantastic to be able to use the WOICT App from now on and worth sharing far and wide. If I win this wonderful prize, surprising my two children whom in turn can gift their Grandparents (aptly titled just above King & Queen) will be a blessing not in disguise. Thank you for all the hard work the team of WOICT do for us to share all the information in the beautiful Mother City we love.

  13. Anahid Harrison

    At last: the everything-Cape Town-app we have been waiting for! Our guesthouse guests will get the download link when logging into our Wifi–best resource ever. Thanks, What’s on in Cape Town: our one-stop Concierge!

    • Daisy

      Thanks Anahid – what a great idea! We’ll have to encourage other guest houses to follow your lead 🙂

  14. I like following WOICT news by email and am glad that there is is now an app. It’s a bit frustrating having to download each guide,I expected it to be ready to use, but at least they download fairly quickly. I like that you can toggle map and list view. Overall a pretty good app.

    • Daisy

      Thanks Sami. The idea behind the download is that you can then view the guide offline. But maybe we should look into the option of an instant, online-only version. Food for thought.

  15. Wow this app is amazing. I love to explore and do things in my own beautiful home town Cape Town. With this app I won’t miss out on amazing events and activities. Can plan my weekends and holidays in advance thanks to Whatsonincapetown!

  16. I didn’t find the app intuitive. Do I have to download each and every guide/map and how often will I have to do it?

    • Daisy

      Hi Shanee, We’re sorry to hear that! Which version have you got – iOS, Android or Windows? No, you don’t have to download each guide, though we would recommend at least taking a look and then you can delete individual guides if you prefer. The main guide with the dated events is of course updated every day so you will probably find that you are automatically prompted to download the latest update, but it shouldn’t take more than a minute. The other guides are updated only occasionally. I hope that helps answer your questions.

  17. Did this app download in under a minute? Yes, it did! And it was up and running quickly enough for me to not forget what I was looking for.
    It’s the type of app that encourages me to get off my phone which is so unique in the games and endless scrolling of everything else.

  18. I’v got it! The Apps nice & petit. Better yet, its so convenient. I like how now i can search for any event thats on the tip of my tongue without burning so much brain cells. And, the app seems so much faster than slow work server internet. Im even using it now, in the kitchen_ while making tea. Even filtering between different events is a breeze. Nice App. Cool, Considered & Convenient.
    & i could win a trip with friends. Nice

  19. I always wanted to see the world, but then I thought why not just see South Africa? Then I realised I live in the Mother City!!! And with whatsonincapetown, I ain’t going nowhere

  20. Jaclyn Teubes.

    I downloaded the app. I love how user friendly it is. Will definitely be using it often! 🙂

  21. WOICT downloaded. Thank You, an awesome App.

    Why Our Ingenious Capetonians Try
    Winning – Obviously, Interest Captures Tickets

    Thats my best shot

  22. Exciting stuff! So easy to install and use and a very handy app to experience the Best of the Cape at your fingertips. The Aquila Safari would be the BEST Birthday Gift and I’ll get to share it with my hubby (who works overseas, but will be home for 2 weeks soon), what more could I ask for 🙂

  23. GREAT app!!! Well done, I can see a lot of thought has gone into creating it.. this shows through in the detail 🙂

  24. Awesome idea to have an app – jam packed with events and updates! Love the function of reviewing a certain event, it’s always nice to read differing views to see if an event is worth a visit in future. Accompanying visuals to the posts are great to. Well done What’s on in Cape Town – overall an impressive job !:-) I can see a lot of work and thought has been put into this.

  25. Abdul Kareem Louw

    This App is amazing! Very accurate and so easy to use. Now I know what’s on in and around my area and will always have new places to check out which I never knew about.
    I’d love to take my family on Safari !! To be around the Big 5 whilst enjoying the luxury accommodation would be amazing!

  26. ..I love Cape Town, and now il know what’s happening in and around my city……..thanks for this great app.

  27. Amazing App! will definitely be used on a regular. Quick and easy to download and straight forward to use.
    Nice to know that events are constantly updated, so only the latest of the greatest 🙂

  28. Wow, this has to be the highlight of my week. I am totally hooked on your page and now with the app it will be so much easier to get the latest news and event details. My social life has definitely increased since I have become a fan of WOIC. GREAT JOB!!!

  29. Irene van Schalkwyk

    Just downloaded the App. As a new Capetonian I look forward to regular updates on exiting things to see and do in this beautiful city!

  30. Verna Appollis

    What an awesome prize with such splendor so close to home experiencing the big five like never before!

  31. the app is perfect for those random days you want to do something… Events for capetonians at your fingertip , just what is needed

  32. Conveniently categorised and covers an array of events that caters to all interests. It’s also simple and straightforward to use. All in all, superb. Well done on a fantastic app!

  33. Dennis Waterhouse

    So far it looks good but I’ll have to use it for a while to see how useful it is in practise.

  34. Love seeing what’s on in Cape Town as I travel International and what to look forward too upon our return. I have heard so may wonder things from aquatintences who have recently visited Aquila! Would love to win tickets!!

  35. Well done, great app, info at fingertips , user friendly application, this will be surely a winner and adviced people to make use of this app.

  36. Quick and easy download. Always looking for things to do with kids. “Kids Attractions” will be very useful. Thank you.

  37. I have downloaded the app and i love the simplicity of it all. The highlights come up immediately. Nifty tool to have when you always feel like a tourist in your own city 🙂

  38. I have downloaded the app – Love it.

    Would love to win an overnight safari for you and seven friends to Aquila Private Game Reserve even more. 🙂

  39. Thank you Ed for this very cool App. Hubby and I will be married for 15 years in June and we are always looking for cool things to do in the beautiful mother city. This app is pretty awesome, easy to navigate and very easy all round to understand (especially as both hubby and I are technically challenged lol. I also enjoy the kids attractions as i get to now spoil my nieces and nephews with things to do or at least alert the family on where to take their little munchkins. My sister has already decided that she’s taking the young ones for archery lessons and I think I will join them! Hopefully hubby will take the hint and book something romantic for the 2 of us……last time he treated me to romance was watching Donald Moatshe live at the CT festival….that was pretty fantastic but that was March and we are in May now 🙂

  40. This is great, makes things much easier for me – I’m more attached to the apps on my mobile devices – thanks!
    Hope development continues to remove the bugs and improve the functionality/integration!

    • Hi Gareth
      Thanks for downloading our app. We’re so thrilled you’re finding it useful.
      We are constantly improving the app and updating it, so please keep downloading the latest version.

  41. Ok, so I’m using the app as I type…..

    LOVE it, I love the map function oh but the list is even better as its very informative!!!!!

    SO many markets to go and explore.

    NEXT the Events, OK THIS really is everything, I though I had all the events covered as I like to think of myself as CT biggest tourist but this is amazing!!!

    I’ll never be bored again with this app by my side!

    Thank you for this!

  42. Grant Carelse

    Come weekends or holidays and not sure whats happening. Gone are those days. Thanks to this App

    • Ashlyn Morris

      Ok . I had to come back after i loaded the app .
      My Opinion is that this app looks so convenient. Everything is basically in one place . I like the Function for the Area or keyword because sometimes i am in different areas for weekends .
      Well Done and be ready for a Flow of traffic this is going be popular .

  43. Julia Pieterse

    Thanks for the App!
    It’s going to be a lot more convenient to browse through the list of upcoming events from my phone now.

    The download process is a bit lengthy (because every section has to be downloaded separately) and accompanied by many pop-ups.. But definitely worth it!

    Would it be possible to add a “reminder of the event” or “add to calendar” function?

  44. Samantha McKerry

    Love the app! Notifying my friends ASAP… NOW I CAN SHARE events with them too. Ooohhh, it even picks up my location location. #gpsmycoordinates 😉

  45. Downloaded the app and I see the potential. Unfortunately every time I try to list the events on a downloaded page it crash. Some work needs to be done for stability. How will the events stay up to date if one has to download it in this methoid?

    • Daisy

      Hi Morne,
      Thanks for the heads up and the subsequent conversation. As discussed, the problem was revealed to be caused by fractionally differing GPS coordinates on some of the more popular venues. I’m happy to say this has now all been resolved.

  46. Sent this to all my adventurous friends. We’ll never have an empty weekend again! Super convenient app and I love the super sleek and easy-to-read design. Big ups!

  47. Christa Strydom

    Very informative but a bit clunky to navigate & filter

    I would prefer a more detailed search function eg by suburb, by type of event or key word

    • Daisy

      Hi Christa,
      We would love to help but… are you sure you are using our app and not someone else’s? We have had a map view, an event category filter and a keyword search in place since day one, as well as a date search option.

  48. I’ve been App’d woth WOICT, thank you, its perfect and helps me to see at a glance what is available.
    p.s. The button logo is cool too

  49. Wonderful App- Now I can never miss out on ‘What’s Happening” in CT and surrounds..Have shared it with all my friends on Twitter and Facebook. A Safari with my friends will be most welcome for my Birthday celebration!!

  50. Lizette Liebenberg

    Finally the APP has arrived! Looking great – I will share with all my peeps. Would love to win the stay at Aquila – sounds marvellous and we need a honeymoon 🙂

  51. I have downloaded the app, and it is so user friendly! I love to keep up with what is happening in Cape Town, now i will never be left out 😀

  52. Marizka Milligan

    I have just downloaded the app. Quick and easy.
    This is so amazing. Now I don’t have to log into my emails every time to see What’s on In Cape Town – no pun intended 🙂

    Oh and I have also pined it to my home screen for quick and easy access

    Thank you for the app. Love it love it love it

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