Peter Pan – Musical

1 to 23 July 2017

peter-panDirector Fred Abrahamse and his award-winning star-studded cast present the classic J.M. Barrie story of Peter Pan and the magical world of Neverland. The show is a “magical” musical telling the tale of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and her brothers, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys.

Canal Walk Shopping Centre donates all proceeds from this production to LEAP Science and Maths schools.

“The stage is a magical land and it was awesome to see where Peter Pan lives and who he lives with. The characters wore really nice costumes like the Indians who looked after Peter. The stage looks like a storybook come alive.” Read Simphiwe Ngqulana’s review of Peter Pan (2013).

Venue: Canal Walk, Century Blvd, Century City, Cape Town
Time: Tues to Sun 11am | 12.30pm | 2pm
Cost: R80

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Tel: 021 529 9699/8
Facebook: canalwalk
Twitter: canal_walk

WIN WITH WHAT’S ON IN CAPE TOWN: To stand a chance to win a set of family tickets to Peter Pan, simply leave your full name and a comment below. Draw takes place on 29 June 2017.
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  1. Perfect for me to take my two kids….will giv me a chance to feel like a kid again…need this treat !!!

  2. The Peter Pan’s story is a wonderful inspiration for children like ours.
    Foster children who have experienced more pain and disappointment at their young age then many of us adults will
    have to live through in a life time. This play will encourage them to know that even dreams can come true if you believe and not give up, but make your best effort to succeed. This show would be very uplifting for all of them.
    Please, consider them for your tickets.

  3. Please pick my son and I, ever since he saw the advert he has been asking for me to buy tickets, great school holiday entertainment!!
    thank you!!

  4. Li-Fen Chien: I would love to win this prize, grew up watching Peter Pan and would be lovely to take the family 🙂 Awesome initiative, too – great that proceeds are being donated to a worthy cause!

  5. Melanie Helders

    I would love to spend some quality time with my daughter, and taking her to see this show would be an awesome way to do this.

  6. Nadia Amee Allijee

    This is magical!!! We believe in fairies WE Do, WE DO, WE DO!!!😁😁😁 WE CAN FLY, WE CAN FLY, WE CAN FLY!!!😁😁😁

  7. Gregory Edwards

    This would be awesome! Our family has never been out to see an event like this because we have grown so past each other in our busy lives. Peter Pan has always been an “all Time Favourite” in our family circle,so winning this family tickets will just help bring us all together with something we love, also none (except myself) has ever been to see a live theatrical event. This would be a first. May Karma be with us to win these tickets…

  8. This would be an awesome experience for my rascals. To keep their fairy and magical thoughts alive before they discover there are no such things lol.

  9. Natholing Hammond

    Looking forward to taking the kids to see this production of Peter Pan. Would be really great if I could do it for FREE! 🙂

  10. I have always enjoyed Peter Pan from books in primary, to cartoons and it’s movie. It would be a great experience to watch the live show. Looking forward to winning a ticket. 🙌💪✊🖒

  11. Bronwyn Lucilla Ann Thomson

    My Niece & Nephew would love this 🙂 I think they need a magical place to go to after writing their exams 🙂

  12. Nicole De Villiers

    I have been one of the biggest fans of Peter Pan all my life and now my kids are fans as well. This would be the greatest gift not just for my kids but for me 🙂 i simply loved tinkerbell all my life!!

  13. Yippeeeèe
    Wow my son saw this advertisement and got super excited 😀😀😀😀
    Please pick him, his 8 years old and loves Peter Pan

  14. Deborah Everard

    Coming to Cape Town on holiday from Port Elizabeth. My 1 year old daughter LOVES this story! Deborah Everard

  15. looks amazing – I would love to get 2 tickets please. i am travelling to Cape Town from beautiful Stratford upon Avon in England to see my wonderful daughter for the school holidays – can come any day/time 3-8 July inclusive only

  16. Lucille Sinclair

    Such a fantastic story! Would love to see a live show and my 6year old son Thomas is the perfect age for this now!! 🙂

  17. Whitley Makhari

    This is one of my favourite childhood stories. Would love to attend this event and I think it’s amazing that Canal Walk is donating the proceeds to Leap Science and Maths Schools.

  18. It would make for a memorable occasion with my daughter. Especially with Gran visiting from PE. I hope we win and cant wait to see what Tinkerbell wears.

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