Table Mountain Sunset Special

1 November 2016 to 28 February 2017

Sunset SpecialAn opportunity to watch the sunset from the top of one of the world’s 7 Wonders of Nature for half price after 6pm.

Venue: Lower Cableway Station, Tafelberg Rd, Cape Town
Time: from 6pm
Cost: Kids R62.50  | Adult R127.50

Tel: 021 424 0015
Email: info@tablemountain.net
Website: www.tablemountain.net
Facebook: Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Twitter: @TableMountainCa

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NB The Sunset Special is a promotional offer and is only available from the Cableway Ticket Office.
The link above is for general tickets.

WIN WITH WHAT’S ON IN CAPE TOWN: To stand a chance to win a pair of tickets for the Table Mountain Sunset Special, simply leave your full name and a comment below. Draw takes place on 2 February 2017.
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  1. My daughter and her husband have a yearly pass and my husband and I would love to go with them and experience it together

  2. Would love to watch evening closing in on Cape Town from such an iconic spot – Perfect 1 year anniversary gift for my loved one!

  3. This is such an awesome prize! Despite living in Cape Town all our lives, my boyfriend and I have never been on our famous cable car and it would be awesome to treat him to a spectacular sunset on our amazing Table Mountain 🙂

  4. Gabrielle Fluxman

    My mom is coming to visit from the Vaal River. It would be great to take her up and show her how much better CT is! Please pick me! 🙂

  5. A dream to be on top of our mountain taking in the spectacular views of the most beautiful city in the world.
    Free tickets even more of a dream!

  6. It would be such a gift to be given this lovely prize to share the views of the most beautiful city in the whole world from the top of ” our “mountain.

  7. What a wonderful prize! Would love to show my friend visiting from Japan the fantastic view from this wonderful mountain that all of us love and which is one of the first things overseas visitors talk about when describing Cape Town–maybe even since 1652!

  8. Would be awesome to help my boyfriend get over his fear of heights, we’re all about new experiences this year. I need this, please 🙂

  9. Dit sal ‘n wonderlike geskenk wees vir my en my verloofde. Hy was nog nooit op Tafelberg nie. Baie dankie vir die wonderlike prys.

  10. Sitting on top of one of the seven wonders of the world, surrounded by the ocean and being able to admire the beauty of the best city to stay in….who can ask for better!!

  11. What a wonderful way to end a summer’s day! A 360 degree panaromic view of the city and suburbs from a world-renowned landmark and no doubt the most spectacular display of light and colour at sundown. Hoping I am the lucky winner.

  12. Would love to take my kids up for the first time – It’s their birthdays next month, so this would be a real treat for the family

  13. High Table Mountain 🙂

    Would love to surprise my special lady with this top trip – she is terrified of heights and declines to hike up table mountain – now we can get the best of both worlds. Please grant us this opportunity so she can understand what she has been missing out.

    Have a good day further,


  14. I was considering climbing Table Mountain, but just thinking about it exhausted me. The cable car is definitely more my style.

  15. What an experience it will be to win a pair of tickets for the Table Mountain Sunset Special with my partner in crime. We just love the romantic events. Never done it would love to add to our bucket list. 🙂


    I would love to win this prize. Last year on my birthday I could not take the trip because of the weather. This would be a perfect belated birthday prize

  17. Dying to watch the sunset from the top of one of the world’s 7 Wonders of Nature with my fiance, would be a great pre wedding gift experience! 🙂

  18. What an amazing way to see our beautiful city from all sides! And to share it with a loved one…thats one for the memory books <3

  19. I’m afraid of heights, but would conquer my gear by being on this amazing adventure. I feel like a bad cape townian, I have never been up table mountain as my fear has always held me back but if I were to win I would tackle this head on and face my fear.

  20. My 90 year old mum is coming down to see me in cape town as she’s always wanted to stand on table mountain with me. Would love to win these tickets for her. Thank you.

  21. Why is it that you stay in Cape Town and you do not enjoy what you have under your own roof….We have family doing it, we have friends doing it and then you have the tourists doing it BUT still we just hear what lovely time they had and spectacular views they enjoyed and yet we still do not go?!! Maybe when we get the opportunity by having a FREE ticket in our hands that has to be used, we will DO IT!!

  22. Quanita Barnes-Rossouw

    Oh what a way to spend Valentine’s day….It’s been a while since we’ve been out, alone…without the kids! Wouldn’t this just be bliss!!!

  23. WOW, perfect gift for our wedding anniversary, married to my soul mate for 18 years on the 6th February, pretty please hand over to me, thank you muchness #tablemountain #sightseeing #CapeTown

  24. Would love to win these tickets and spoil my husband on his birthday with a romantic trip up beautiful Table Mountain. #fingers-crossed.

  25. It would be a beautiful sight to see the sunset atop Table Mountain, sound absolutely amazing! Would just love this for my better half & I:) what a WOW GIFT #capetownyoubeauty

  26. My Husband and I are coming down for a week on 05/02/2017 – would be such a treat and special to win the tickets.

  27. I would be so happy to win this and take my boyfriend to celebrate our one year anniversary! Cape Town is our favorite place in the world!

  28. Yuvraj Vasudev Pandya

    Let the sunset rise my eternal peace, i am travelling from india to see this beautiful sunset.. Let this beautiful sunset shine upon me.

  29. My favourite place in the whole world !!! Have not been up there since the new cable car. Would just love to experience the beautiful Cape Town from Table Mountain again !!!

  30. Christine Aquilina

    She is an amazing mountain. A sight not to be missed from afar and near. She roars overpowering the city with her Cape Doctor winds. A mountain to conquor and climb. A beauty God created on his day of rest on the 7th day. Gods gift to us. I remain in awe every time I see her, climb her or hear her.

  31. A great treat for every Capetonian ! I wish to go to dinner on top of the mountain to watch a beautiful sunset over the Atlantic. 🎉🎶🎈💯🎊🍾❤👍

  32. This would be the most romantic experience to top our Cape Town holiday we have been looking forward to for over 2 years now!

  33. Kimberly Crunkleton

    A bit of natural wonderfulness with What’s On Cape Town will be the perfect way to keep celebrating summer in the mother city!

  34. Although we live in Cape Town, and I haven’t been up table mountain since I was a child, We would love to take the kids up for their first amazing visit.

    • Always a spectacular experience! I would love to treat my wife to a sunset dinner & cableway trip for our wedding anniversary this year!

  35. The last time i went up Table Mountain was when i was senseless. I am now almost 16 years old so it’s been quite a long time. 👌This would be such an amazing experience to share with my best friend…it’ll feel like we are conquering the world together up there!!! 😊💖💖

  36. My partner is not from South Africa and has never seen the sights from the top of Table Mountain. I would love to surprise him with this awesome treasure sight.

  37. wow awesome me and hubby would love to experience this. wow be a very nice thank you give to him as he made my birthday last Friday 13/01/2017 very special. would be a very nice surprised

  38. This would be so righteous as a Valentine’s Day gift to my stellar boyfriend. Although I’m not sure which would be more beautful – watching the sunset or watching my spectacular boyfriend watch the sunset? ☀️😌

  39. Never been up Table Mountain it’s my lovely husbands birthday the 18th of February and would love to treat him to the most beautiful sunset in the world🔆

  40. My Mom is coming over from England for a holiday so this would be such a wonderful treat to take her up Table Mountain.

  41. My boyfriend mentioned to me that he would like to go to table mountain because he has never been there. It would be great winning this set of tickets so that I could surprise him!

  42. What an amazing way to end off a day in the beautiful city of Cape Town. Coming for our first holiday in feb. Also our 8year anniversary. Would make it extra special. #fingerscrossed #capetown #sunset #tablemountain

  43. I’ve hiked up and down that mountain a few times , it would be a change of scenery to get a lift up and down this time with my fiance 🙂
    #something different

  44. Just recently relocated to the mother city with my family who have never been in Cpt before, would love for them to experience the amazing views from the gorgeous mountain!

  45. My lovely husband is flying me to CT for my birthday in February! My last experience was a little hectic, we had just got to the top and within 10 minutes we heard the siren and had to descend urgently due to high winds approaching! I would LOVE to spend a romantic sunset with him at the top of Table Mountain xx

  46. To be able to go up table mountain and enjoy a sunset, a truely amazing prize. I have unfortunelty not had an opportunity to do this as yet. And with my boyfriends birthday coming up, what would make the day more special! Amazing wonder with a special someone.

  47. I`d like to win the ticket!!! Coming from Czech Republic for a conference, having few days for seeing your magic city 🙂

  48. Arsha Mardirosian

    Jet setting From Canada with 2 friends! Would be spectacular to experience this!

  49. Just moved to Cape Town to come study and on my bucket list is getting up Table mountain, but being a student means I’m in a tight budget! Would love to win 🙂

  50. New to Cape Town and have not been up the mountain as yet… 😖 Would love to share my first time with just my hubby (no kids.. jay!!).
    And to top it off my most spesial time of day.
    Keeping my fingers crosssed…🇿🇦

  51. Oh my Wow Wee -Truly Sublime giveaway 😍

    This would be utterly gorgeous to experience – would love, so very much to spoil my husband.

    Crossing all my fingers & toes.

  52. This year i plan of gaining back my financial freedom and getting out of debt ,my budget is soo tight i can’t even afford bubblegum let alone take my 7 y/o son out .Please cheer me up and select me as your winner .

    • Ashleigh Harvey here. I’m a cape townIan and the only time I have managed to get up is the day is was cloudy so I couldn’t see anything! Please let me and my friend go up to experience it before I leave to go live in Japan in 4months 🙂 🙂

  53. Wilmari Jansen van Rensburg

    This would be a wonderful summertime evening treat for me and my friend that Relocated van Mosselbay to Winelands 😉

  54. This would be perfect for my boyfriend and I! We’ve been dating for almost 4 years and we both live in Cape Town. His birthday is coming up too (turning 22) and he has never been on the cable car! This would be an absolutely great gift for him 😊

  55. This would be great for my boyfriend and I! We’ve been dating for almost 4 years and we both live in Cape Town. His birthday is coming up soon (he’ll be turning 22) and he has never been on the cable car! This would be an absolutely perfect gift for him 😊

  56. It doesnt matter where one returns from, whether by air, rail, road or sea…you know you’re home when you spot Table Mountain from the distance.

  57. Oh wow, to see the city from the top and one of many amazing Sunset from Table Mountain would be delightful and an extraordinary experience of a life time.

  58. Christelle van Noordwyk

    Just something special to so over Christmas, would be such a moment to share with loved one … please!!


  60. Met the man of my dreams and bringing him home to Cape Town to meet my family – hoping he loves the city so much he wants to move there so we can stay indefinitely <3

  61. Hmm, what comment should I leave to convince you that I need to win these tickets?
    Can I just ask pretty please if I can have it?

  62. After a long and tedious semester writing exams, this would be a glorious way to celebrate the start of summer. I’d appreciate it. 🙂

  63. After a very long an tedious exam season, this would be a welcomed break and celebratory occasion. I’d appreciate it so much. 🙂

  64. Never seen the sunset from above the clouds!…what better way than seeing something spectacular from a wonder of the world in the best city in the world???

  65. I am 9 years old and have never been up Table Mountain via cable car. More importantly, I want to take my mom and surprise her. Pretty please pick me!

  66. Abdul Kareem Louw

    Wow…. It’ been ages since we’ve been up on Table Mountain. Would be perfect for a date night for me and wifey !

  67. Lauren Hendrickse

    Being overseas for two weeks may be amazing but there’s definitely no place like home the views the amazing weather it has to be appreciated. A belated birthday gift to myself I’d say

  68. The Perfect Sunset. My Mom and I would love to be the Lucky winners of this awesome prize. Please choose us. WE LOVE CAPE TOWN.

  69. Never been up table mountain in 5 years since Ive lived here, would love an opportunity to see the sunset with that spectacular view!

  70. I am 24 and grew up in Cape Town and I have never been up Table Mountain. I would really love to win these tickets. I have never won anything before.

  71. I can’t wait to go up Table Mountain on the 28th Nov – a few days after my b-day. what a special landmark to celebrate another year of life!

    • The Cableway gives one free adult return ticket to South Africans, who are over the age of 18 and have a valid South African ID, on the day of their birthday.

      The Birthday Special aims to ensure that everyone can enjoy at least one day of the year on top of our beautiful mountain – it’s our gift to you!

  72. Born and bred in Cape Town but have never been able to visit Table Mountain and would love to celebrate my anniversary on the mountain:)

  73. Its been a hectic year for Me and the kids….. today marks the 100th day since the divorce . Time to move onward and upward …. cant think of a better way to do this than to watch the Sunset over our beautiful Cape Town ( symbolizing the end of 17 years of marriage but as the Sun always rises again , so shall I)

  74. I am coming back home with hubby from the US,it is his first visit to Cape Town.What a magical moment it would be experiencing an African sunset from Table Mountain.

  75. I am coming back home to visit with hubby from the US it will be his first visit to South Africa, to experience an African Sunset from Table mountain would be magical.

  76. A pair of tickets for a sunset adventure would be a summer dream!🌟🌄please make my December holidays a little bit brighter! ✨

  77. This would be an amazing experience! a much needed break, a perfect place to appreciate Life and beauty 🙂 yaay cape town



  79. I have never experienced this wonderful natural beauty at sunset. I would love to experience this with my hubby best anniversary ever : -)

  80. What a way to see one of the worlds top destinations from a birds point of view 🙂
    It will be my husband’s birthday Jan 2017 & our anniversary in Feb 2017… 2016 has been a rough year for us and would be great to celebrate our Anniversary on top and surprise him with a small little romantic picnic or something out of the ordinary as we have never been on Table Mountain yet.

    I hope we will get to experience this opportunity, Fingers Crossed

  81. Can I just win this please? Its always such a treat to go up too table mountain. Although I live here, I always feel like a tourist when I go. It’s beauty never seizes to amaze me.

  82. My birthday’s on the 20th November. Have been waiting to watch the sunset on Table Mountain ALL my life. It would be so amazing to win in my birthday week. My heart yearns to see this beauty unfold before my eyes…

  83. Sunset…that time of the day when the world stands still if just for a moment. Would love to show my kids the view from Africa’s natural wonder

  84. My husband and I are travelling to Cape Town from the UK for a long weekend for his 40th birthday in January. This would be a perfect way to celebrate his special day :o)


  85. The last I went up Table Mountain was with the old cablecar system about 29yrs ago. Would love to do it again with your help – giving the free tickets to me 😉

  86. Nuschka Peters. I would love to win this! just LOVE Table Mountain. I’ve Iived in Cape Town my whole life and am always amazed by the beauty of Table Mountain.

  87. It would be amazing to experience the sunset on top of table mountain, overlooking my beautiful city. This would be my first time so *fingers crossed*

  88. Ive climbed the mountain about a million times now –
    would be nice to go int he cable car and experience it the way “tourists” do.

  89. Would love to visit one of the wonders of the world! Magical moments to be shared with family…can’t think of anything more blessed.

  90. Man let alone The Sunset, I have never been to Table Mountain this is my first week in Cape Town I am from DBN winning these tickets would mean a lot to me. PLEASE DO CONSIDER THE DURBAN BOY ON THE DRAW. 🙂

  91. I’d love to experience this! I’ve never been to table mountain before and after sunset would be perfect! *fingers crossed*

  92. I’d love to do this with my husband and 9 year old daughter. I haven’t been up Table Mountain since I was a child.

  93. My daughter is 19 years old and I would love to take her up Table Mountain. It would be her first time …so really looking forward for her to go up…… I myself have not been up for more than 10 years. Hope I win.

  94. My daughter is 19 years old and I would love to take her up Table Mountain. I myself have not been up for more than 10 years. Hope I win.


    I’m from Brazil and I’m going to visit Cape Town in November and would like to try this out! wonder! I nerd this! 😍

  96. Would be an awesome experience to share with my love – the sea, the mountain and the sunset. A recipe for romance. It can still happen even after 43 years of marriage. Prove me right!!

  97. Chanel Vandermerwe

    Chanel vandermerwe is my name !!! Would love to win tickets so I can take my mum cs it will be our first time to Cape Town in December !! Can’t wait !! Fingers crossed

  98. I would really love this as an introduction to the mother city, since I’m moving to Cape Town in Jan 2017.

  99. Janine van Huyssteen

    Haven’t been on Table Mountain in yeaaaaaars. Would really love to win this prize…seeing that it is my last 2 months in South Africa 🙂

  100. Saana-Maria Rahko

    I’m from Finland and I’m going to visit South-Africa from mid November till mid December and would love to experience this! Looks amazing 😊

  101. What an awesome giveaway! Whether I win or not i think this is a great date night idea that i will definitely be doing with my hubby:)

  102. Lisa-Marie Clarke

    I would absolutely LOOOOOOVE to watch the sunset from the top of our beautiful Table Mountain!
    Lisa-Marie Clarke

  103. Sharon Andrews
    My bf’s birthday is in November. What a great way for him to face his fear – he’s claustrophobic 🙂

  104. Table Mountain beauty please … visiting my student children and would love to spoil them as a Single Mother …
    Sunset would be awesome as well – much appreciated!

  105. Having just relocated to cape town recently this would be a husband way to say to his wife …It was worth it …fingers crossed

  106. I would love to take my godchild to see the Sunset from Table Mountain.
    She loves watching the sunset from the beach so it would be amazing to see it from up there

  107. I’ve never been to Table Mountain. Would like to take my kids with to experience it for the 1st time together. Coming for a holiday from Namibia.

  108. Melony Geldenhuys

    It would be a dream come true as well as an amazing experience………Cape Town is where great things happen.

  109. I have Climbed her (platteklip trail) at 5 am in the morning, and the sunrise is magical over the best city in SA.

    Would so love to be ontop of our big table and sip on a cold one – while watching the sunset, with my partner – he has a hobby of taking sunset/sunrise photo’s.

  110. Have never taken the cable car up Table Mountain before – this special seems like a good excuse to finally do it!

  111. On of my best friends will be here over the weekend of 18th November and her only request was to watch a sunset from Table Mountain, something I have not experienced either. It would.be spectacular to share that experience with her!!

    Sumayyah Khan

  112. Would be amazing to win this ! Lived in Cape Town for 18 years and have only ever been up once when I was young. I am a student so my budget is tight and winning this prize will allow me to experience this . Fingers crossed xx

  113. My partner and I are coming to visit in December. Would be fantastic to experience this one of the Worlds Wonders of Nature. It would be an unforgettable experience.

  114. Estelle Fredericks

    I have a new mission, to do something great every weekend in CT. Cannot think of a greater thing than this.

  115. Stephanie du Plessis

    This was the first thing I did when I arrived in CT on holiday in 2010. I loved it so much I decided to move to the Cape!

  116. I would love to watch the African sunset from the top of one of the world’s 7 Wonders of nature with my loved one, what an awesome experience indeed it would be!

  117. Definitely an experience that’ll last a lifetime! Would love to win. I’ve never met a sunset I didn’t like 😉 Please!!!

  118. I would love to win this – it looks magical! I’m going on holiday to CT to spend Christmas with my boyfriend’s family. He’s an SA local and he’s never been up the aerial cableway!

  119. “The Cape is a most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.”- Sir Francis Drake, 1580.

    Quite an apt description I say to watch the sunset from Table Mountain. <3

  120. To watch the sunset, from on top of the table,
    Going up on the car, via the cable.
    Having a picnic, and a cute little cuddle,
    So high up, that the seas look a puddle.
    Would make for the perfect, cute date night,
    Taking in Cape Town, now that would be a sight.


  121. Would be a great family outing – our 8th wedding anniversary is coming up in November and eldest son’s 4th birthday in December.

  122. this would be awesome to celebrated our one year anniversary its on the 13 of November. Special day and a special place

  123. On vacation in SA in november, and in Cape Town nov 22-27. Would be awesome to win free tickets to Table mountain sunset!

  124. Lived in Cape Town for 40 years and I have never been on Table Mountain cableway and the Sunset special lookings amazing and would be a dream come true.

  125. It will be amazing to watch sunset at God’s dinning table with family. That’ll be the most memorable moment! Great idea. Keep up the good work to attract more tourism for the city!

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