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Studio 714 Calais Rd, Seapoint
Studio 7 is an intimate acoustic venue hosting a maximum of 50 people. Surroundings are simple: red facebrick walls, wooden floors, a fireplace, and comfortable white couches. This unique space has no massive stage, no fancy lighting setup and no enormous sound system. It is stripped down in every way allowing a close and intimate performance between the artist and audience.
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  1. This place is a complete waste of time!! Spare yourself the disappointment of sitting in someones lounge on their dirty white couches with the band less than a metre away from you for a whopping R200per person.
    As someone that actively supports local and particularly unknown musos it was an incredible let down that my partner spent R400 on an evening that was definitely not worth the money.
    We walked in (through the kitchen mind you) to find people drinking beers and what appeared to be their own bottles of red wine. Nobody offered us a drink or a seat and we waited for a good 20 minutes while the unknown host and his buddies watched television. Cant say much for the music, one can tolerate that much foolishness for so long and we eventually left.
    A word to the wise, if you want to enjoy jazz music in an ‘intimate’ setting like Studio 7 then you’re better off on your own couch,drinking your own drinks with a few mates over and a CD playing in the background.
    Or take your ass to the Mahogany Room!!

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