Absa Virtual Kuierkamers: The Karoo Project

23 September 2021 to 30 November 2021

ABSA Virtual KuierkamersA special and exclusive music series with Zolani Mahola, Jitsvinger and Native Young awaits music enthusiasts in the first-ever Virtual Absa Kuierkamer.

The ever-popular Absa Kuierkamer is presented in virtual form as part of the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK)’s online festival this year. It plays host and launches Rootspring’s The Karoo Project. This series does not only include extraordinary musicians but also boasts the beautiful and magical Karoo as a backdrop.

The Karoo Project with Mahola, Jitsvinger and Native Young was recorded by Rootspring Music in the desert landscapes of the Karoo after the first lockdown. This unique experience, created in nature by musicians eager to play music again, captures these soundscapes in their most raw and stripped-down form. Pippa Ehrlich, the Oscar-winning director of My Octopus Teacher, was a consultant on the project.

Zolani Mahola – The One Who Sings
Mahola’s Thetha Mama is a reminder to humanity to reinvigorate the respect and humility that we once embodied towards nature, to Mother Earth. A calling to reconnect to the many forms of the world around us and using our time in nature as a gift of silence, giving way to the capacity to listen once more.

‘Doenit’ is a head-bobbing, high energy piece that speaks directly to one’s inner child and ability to move and let go. A playful yet very intentional approach to leaning back into our inner child and reclaiming our personal surrender.

Native Young (Yannick Meyer & Mohau)
‘Graveyard’ is a deeply personal song about the ephemeral essence of life and mankind’s inevitable return to source … to nature. It is an acknowledgement of the desire to transcend the universal human experience of loss and pain with the simultaneous realisation that suffering is the cornerstone of growth and liberation.

Zolani Mahola’s Thetha Mama is now available to view in the Virtual Absa Kuierkamer’s theatre, via the KKNK-website. Jitsvinger’s Doenit will be launched at the beginning of October and Native Young’s Graveyard at the beginning of November.

Venue: Online
Time: Anytime
Cost: Free

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