After God’s Own Heart

28 June 2020 to 5 July 2020

After God's Own HeartThe Virtual National Arts Festival presents After God’s Own Heart directed by Palesa Matabane. This multi-lingual Whatsapp performance explores the question: “What wouldn’t you say to secure your afterlife?”

Following her untimely demise in a taxi, a young girl finds herself at the Pearly Gates. Before her Anubis, Death, Saint Peter, Styx, her ancestors, and a host of angels are all awaiting to hear her final confession before she can be led to her final resting place.

In this interactive Whatsapp performance, the audience takes on the role of the host of angels and the ancestors, who are there to help Anubis, Death, Saint Peter, and Styx determine her final resting place. The narrative is a true confession superimposed on the fictional situation of the artist’s death. The fiction provides a context through which to involve the audience and the confession is the performance. By using online social media tools and methods, the performance will be carried out as a guided confession where the actors coax the audience into performing with them and, ultimately, arriving at verdict.

This performance takes place continuously over several days and runs for approximately one hour per day. Performance dates are 28 & 29 June and 1, 2, & 5 July. To join the performance, click on this link from a smart phone or via WhatsApp web.

Venue: Online
Time: Daily from 4pm to 9pm
Cost: Day Pass R80 | Full Festival Pass R500 | Full Jazz Pass R600




Tel: 0860 002 004
Facebook: After God’s Own Heart
Instagram: @nationalartsfestival
Twitter: @artsfestival
Youtube: National Arts Festival


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