Review: Amarula Retro & Renew


Amarula Retro & RenewA month ago a bottle of Amarula and a cocktail shaker landed on my doorstep along with a simple challenge: Revamp a classic cocktail with Amarula.

In other words just mix Amarula with another drink and give the result some clever name.  Easy right?  In the end it was, but only after I took the long scenic route (of many sips and tastes) to get there.

When it comes to cocktails I am more of an aficionado than a mixer, but I can make one really good one: a Cosmopolitan.  Made famous by the series Sex and the City, a Cosmopolitan is a favourite amongst the pink drink dandies.  But as I found, Amarula and clear liquids do not mix too well.  Unabashed, I set out to find a new cocktail.

After many failed attempts I resorted to my tried and tested Cosmo to convince myself and the Plus One that my mixing abilities were not completely rubbish.  From there I just kept on mixing and The Mr Big was born – a Cosmopolitan-inspired cocktail that tasted great and looked even better. The name is derived from a Sex and the City character but also, rather neatly, pays homage to the Amarula elephant.

The Mr Big can be enjoyed as a quick drink at home before hitting the town or as a Jaggerbomb-style drink later in the evening.  A cocktail tends to take on the energy of the crowd that drinks it… so the possibilities of The Mr Big are endless.


The Mr Big


1 shot Amarula
1 shot Triple Sec
3 shots Cranberry juice


  1. Mix the Triple Sec and Cranberry Juice in a shaker
  2. Pour a shot of Amarula in a tot glass and place the glass in the centre of a tumbler glass.
  3. Pour the Triple Sec/Cranberry mix around the tot glass
  4. Drink and Repeat as necessary

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