Profile: Franschhoek


Distance: 75 km from Cape Town
Altitude: 260m
Population: +/- 15 000

Scenery: This stunning valley east of Stellenbosch is dominated by the mountains around it, and offers spectacular vineyard vistas from many of its wine farms.

Renowned for: its long association as home to some of the best restaurants in South Africa. Coupled with a strong local wine culture, many people describe Franschhoek as the gourmet capital of South Africa. It also has a distinct love of all things French due to its heritage.

History: The valley was settled in 1688 by 176 French Huguenot refugees who were given land by the Dutch government in a valley called Olifantshoek, named because of the numerous herds of elephants that roamed the area. The name of the area soon changed to le Coin Français (the French Corner), and later to Franschhoek (Afrikaans for French Corner), with many of the settlers naming their new farms after the areas in France from which they came.

Vibe: A bustling village, Franschhoek revolves around its gourmet restaurants, its wine farms and its French heritage. With these in mind, there is always a chance for a festival and the annual calendar is filled with events that attract large crowds from across the Western Cape.

Activities and Attractions: Food, wine, art, pottery, hiking, horse riding, fly-fishing, mountain biking


Tel:021 876 2861
Franschhoek Wine Valley
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