Profile: Hot Water


hot-water-300x203Afro-Folk-Rock-Pop-Blues-Jive. This five piece band, headed by singer / songwriter Donovan Copley defies pigeon-holing.  With Copley accompanied by Andre Swartz (drums), Chris Bakalanga (Bass guitar), Soubry Makapula (vocals and dance) and Leon Visser (guitar, vocals and marimba) as well as a fluid group of additional musicians, this group incorporates a mixture of traditional South African music styles (such as kwela, mbaqanga, maskandi and kwasa kwasa) with folk, blues and indie-pop rock. The band has released three albums – the latest of which, South, was released in January 2011. To sample their music go to

“Infusing their bluesy/folky indie pop/rock sound with traditional African sensibilities, there is a keen sense of where they come from. This is a band firmly rooted in Africa.” Read Keenan Oakes’ review of Hot Water performing at the Cape Farmhouse.

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