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Karl Rohloff (bass) is a classically trained, vegetarian guitarist.

Sasha Righini (drums) has incredibly vivid dreams and a pretty neat doodling style.

Arjuna Kohlstock (lead guitar) likes pop music. He has one brown and one green eye.

Pascal Righini (singer/guitar) knows an incredible amount of trivia on The Simpsons and cricket. He also grows his own tomatoes.

The Plastics are an Indie-Retro-Rock band here to change the game. This explosive four-piece band, consisting of brothers Pascal and Sasha Righini, Karl Rohloff and Arjuna Kohlstock, joined the Cape Town music scene in 2007. With a varied style, the group is known to pay homage to retro rock and classic pop imagery. Words to describe their music, experiences and work ethic include “innovative”, “Earl Grey”, “guerrilla”, “disco SOMETHING”, “retro rock” and “melody”, amongst others.

Discography: Since The Plastics inception in 2008 the band have released three musical offerings. A Double Ep Entitled “Kiss The Plastics” (2009), a Debut Album produced by internationally renowned lo-fi wonder producer Gordon Raphael called “Shark” (2010) and most recently a Sophomore Album Entitled “Pyramid” (2012) produced by first time producer and mix wizard Shai Hirschson. Visit them on soundcloud.

Awards: In 2010 their first single Caves reached No.1 on the TUKSfm SA Top 10.
The second single, Jukebox, sat nice and snug at No.1 for four weeks running on Jon Savage’s Rock Chart on 5FM.
November 2011 saw one of the band’s songs, Those Three Words, as the bouncy and romantic soundtrack to one of Apple’s iPod commercials.
SHARK was also chosen by both GQ Magazine and Cosmopolitan as one of the Top 20 Albums out of local and international releases.
In January 2011, the music video for Caves was chosen as one of the top eleven finalists for the Los Angeles Music Video Festival.
The second single off the album SHARK, Caroline, was released in August 2011, and reached No.4 on the MK Top 10 Music Videos Chart.
In December 2011 a reprised version of Stereo Kids was released receiving high rotation commercial airplay peaking at no. 8 on 5FM’s Top 40 Chart during.
In March 2012 they opened for UK indie-rock band Two Door Cinema Club at a secret location in Cape Town.
In 2012 they also released a music video for Stereo Kids, which reached no. 1 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart.
Best Pretenders peaked at nr. 8 on the 5FM Top 40 in December 2012 too.
The Plastics were also privileged to be chosen as one of the twelve winners of a MK MVP in 2012 for the music video for Best Pretenders. The video reached no.1 on the MK Top 10 Music Video Chart in January 2013.
During January 2013 Occasional Lies was released. The track became the third single off PYRAMID to be playlisted on nationwide commercial radio, once again including 5FM.
The band has been nominated for two MK Awards (Best Group and Best Indie). The award ceremony will take place on the 24 March 2013.

Seen in/on: The band has been featured in various media publications such as Marie Claire Magazine, Cosmopolitan, GQ MagazineThe Star, The Weekend Argus and many others as well as being featured on ETV’s Showbiz Report, MTV Bass, morning show Expresso and SABC 2’s Sportsnite. The band has also performed at many South African music festivals like Rocking the Daisies and shared the stage with the majority of South African bands.
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