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Atlantic Surf Co’s Ladies Community


Atlantic Surf Co Ladies CommunityAtlantic Surf Co’s Ladies Community offers a variety of programmes open for all levels of female surfers such as their Free Surf Clinics and a Ladies Surf Academy.

The Free Surf Clinics consist of two levels – the ice-breakers (beginners) and the rest of the crew (all other levels).

The ice-breakers are for those unsure of the ocean or those who have never been in it. It is very basic surf lessons and participants have fun in relatively shallow water. The aim is to help take away mental blocks while introducing the beach lifestyle and culture.

‘Rest of the crew’ sees those with more experience surfing at the same time, but separate from, the icebreakers. This is where members get to socialise and network with other like-minded members in and out of the water. Limited coaching is available to help work on any weaknesses.

The Ladies Surf Academy offers more focused lessons for those of different levels of surfing or supping. The groups are smaller and participants get more individual attention to improve and gain confidence while learning in a fun and safe way. The Surf Academy is split into two groups – Soul Surfers and Nose Riders.

Soul Surfers is for those who are not total beginners, can surf on their own board and a bit further out with occasional assistance. They are able to stand and ride the wave relatively well, but need an extra boost to progress these skills further. It’s a more focused group, based on improving surf performance through understanding the waves better. The goal of this group is to improve on focus and attention to detail. This is done by improving technique and stance and starting to broaden horizons by reading the waves and conditions while working on the ultimate goal of surfing.

With Nose Riders, members should be able to hold their own in slightly bigger waves, managing to catch waves and ride clean waves on their own. Assistance is provided in taking each members’ surfing to the next level, adventuring to new spots and learning the more technical side of surfing and surf Forecasting. This is done where members are taught how to read the waves, while also understanding how they work and being able to choose the best waves to ride. The two main areas focused on are timing and positioning.

All meeting days for lessons of and sessions with the Ladies Community’s different groups are decided upon based on weather conditions, and announced via a Ladies Community Whatsapp Group. Each group meets once a week.

Venue: Varies by arrangement
Time: Varies by arrangement
Cost: Various

Tel: 021 557 4532 | 083 284 2422
Twitter: @AtlanticSurf_Co
Instagram: @atlanticsurfcompany


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