Author by Kathlyn Allan Handcrafted Jewellery


Author by Kathlyn Allan handcrafts bespoke jewellery that tells a story.

Kathlyn crafts her designs from her home studio in the beautiful town of Swellendam, a constant thread that runs through her work is narrative.

The philosophy behind this independent designer is that jewellery can be the perfect vehicle for capturing moments and conveying heartfelt messages of love and appreciation, and commemorating people, places and events. It transcends mere ornamentation and materialism.

Allan’s work is filled with themes of familiar creatures with unexpected twists, historic motifs and nostalgic old-world charm with a modern edge. The sculptural aspect of her jewellery bridges the gap between art and functional design, in protest to mass-production and the repetitiveness of trendy simplicity.

Get in touch with Kathlyn via email or telephone to immortalise a piece of you or a loved one’s story through wearable art that is uniquely you. Her Instagram and Facebook feed also showcase the latest creations and updates.

Tel: 028 514 1552

Facebook: Author by kathlyn allan
 Instagram: @author_adorn


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