Baxter Theatre Centre


baxterMain Rd, Rondebosch
A multicultural entertainment hub in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, the Baxter is associated with the University of Cape Town (UCT) and houses five theatre spaces.

Built in 1976, the Baxter leveraged its strong relationship with UCT to present multiracial, progressive work at a time when all other non-racial interactivity was banned or censored. The first interracial kiss ever on a South African stage took place during the Baxter’s first production of Miss Julie in 1985 (starring John Kani and Sandra Prinsloo) while today the Baxter’s version of Mies Julie storms theatres all around the world.


  • 666-seat Main Theatre
  • 638-seat Concert Hall, with a Von Beckerath organ
  • 172-seat Golden Arrow Studio Theatre
  • 203-seat Flipside Theatre
  • 60-seat Masambe Theatre


The Baxter Restaurant: A simple buffet style restaurant. Open Mondays to Saturdays. Lunch @12.30pm – 2.30pm. Dinner @6pm – 9.30pm.

The Long Bar: A centrepiece on the ground floor, the bar operates before and after every performance and during intermission.

Disabled facilities: Hard of hearing: The Main Theatre is equipped with the Sennheiser System for people with impaired hearing. Hearing aids with a T-switch can be linked to the system without headphones.
Wheelchairs: Wheelchair positions are located in the Theatre (stalls), Concert Hall and Golden Arrow Studio Theatre. Wheelchair spaces need to be booked in advance. Toilets for patrons with wheelchairs are located in the public toilets at the far end of the Main Foyer. A lift for wheelchairs in the Main Foyer allows access to the restaurant.

Parking: Secure parking is available in the parking lot next to the Baxter and above it (on the UCT Middle Campus) with a charge of R10 per vehicle during peak evening performances in the main Baxter parking lot. Parking for people with wheelchairs is located at the Baxter Road and Burg Road entrances.

Monday night special offer: see here for more details.

Contact details:

Tel: 021 685 7880
Facebook: Baxter Theatre
Twitter: BaxterTheatre



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