Dan Carter: ‘Beauty for Ashes’

2 to 30 September 2021

Dan CarterDan Carter presents his first solo photographic exhibit called Beauty for Ashes.

The collection features work from across the continent centred around the idea that from ruins, there will be great restoration.

In the last year, many dreams were crushed and deep-rooted prejudices within our society were highlighted. This work is an emotive response to the idea that life can be breathed into dry bones, and raise from the dead that which has been broken.

Dan Carter wants to show the world a new narrative and his hope is that by documenting greatness throughout the continent, people will learn to love themselves, pursue justice and have a deeper respect for the land in which they live.

Dan Carter is a London born photographer living and working in South Africa. He mostly works on social media content creation using the beauty and diversity he finds across South Africa as his inspiration. He believes photographers have the privilege to tell stories but even more importantly, a responsibility to play a part in changing stories and challenging stigmas.

Venue: The Ladder, 136 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town
Time: From 7pm
Cost: Free

Email: dan@dancarternow.com
Website: dancarternow.com
Instagram: @dancarter



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