Review: Big Boys 2 is Comedic Gold


big boys 2After their show’s run away success at the Grahamstown Festival the stars of Big Boys 2, Ash and Bradley Searle, have once again donned their dancing shoes and are now showing off their style for the Cape Town crowd at the always-lovely Kalk Bay Theatre. The Searle brothers made their mark on the dance and theatre map with their award-winning Big Boys Can’t Dance, and its sequel underlines that not only can big boys dance, but they can act, entertain, delight and astound.

The show’s run – perfectly timed to coincide with the festive season – allows patrons to give in to the season of being jolly. Going for the entire “dinner and show” experience comes highly recommended – we had live music accompanying dish after dish of freshly made and mouthwatering food from the all-you-can-eat buffet, and felt thoroughly warmed up and wound down before the evening’s entertainment.

Big Boys 2 continues the adventures of the two bachelors who have an unshakable tendency to get into awkward situations.  When his future father-in-law’s car gets jacked by one of the strippers at Ash’s stag party, Ash and his dance-obsessed brother Bradley enter a dance competition to win enough money to replace it. Great plan… until they crash the new car and Ash ends up 16 hours late for his own wedding, only to find an empty church and a note from his bride Vanessa. In a letter filled with disappointment and uncertainty, Vanessa says she needs some time out, but with the cunning man-code skills of Bradley, they read between the lines and discover that Vanessa actually wants them to go look for her in London. Which she doesn’t, of course, but this misinterpretation sets the stage for a whirlwind of adventure and action.

With the clever aid of interactive projections, they pair take a wild goose chase on the cheapest airline tickets looking for Ash’s fiancée. The nearly 3-day long trip around the world to London takes them through a spectrum of countries, characters, cultures and chances for dances. The stop off in Mumbai throws up some Bhanga Bollywood moves before they shuffle through Shanghai Gangam style, while in London they expose a secret love for ABBA and get their stripper side on as their clothes come off, much to the delight of the whooping crowd. The dancing duo glide seamlessly over the stage riding a variety of rhythms, and keep the crowd roaring with laughter at their punch-lines and pelvic thrusts. What sets these two apart from other dance entertainers is their versatility and their down-to-earth style. They are just so likeable, and so talented.  One moment they are two very South African Pretoria boys-next-door engaged in hilarious banter, the next they are world-class dancers channelling Michael Jackson.

Big Boys 2 is pure comedic entertainment. Take your friends, take your family, take your time and indulge in a night of supper and shenanigans with Ash and Bradley Searle at the Kalk Bay Theatre. It’s so nice you’ll want to go twice.

Marilu Snyders

Big Boys 2 plays at the Kalk Bay Theatre until 5 January.

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