Boiler Room True Music Fund Winners


South African music events Prime and Ebumnandini are announced as winners of Boiler Room and Ballantine’s True Music Fund.

The True Music Fund – worth R375 000 ($25 000) – is part of Boiler Room’s longstanding commitment to push underground scenes forward and to support artists, fans, crews and communities around the world.

In addition to its financial backing, the winners also get advice on how to produce new event formats, recommendations on their club night promotion, production support, and the investment to make it happen.

Capetonian youth culture platform Ebumnandini was founded by local electronic music duo Stiff Pap to support creative innovation in South Africa. Of the award, Ebumnandini’s Jakinda Mshindi Boya says, “We want to create a way forward. With the help of the True Music Fund, which is even more crucial in the wake of COVID-19, we can begin to start new networks from the ground up.”

Prime is an event series that started off as a one-off gig in Cape Town in 2016. The event seeks to create free and safe space for all attendees, artists and crew to enjoy quality music. Founder Alex Michelsen says: “Now more than ever, given the impact COVID-19 has had on local music communities, Prime aims to improve its current work in growing talent and encouraging diversity through increased inclusion.”

The True Music Fund was first launched in Spain and backs projects run by the local music community for the local community. It was launched in South Africa in November and is intended for artists, creative promoters and independent programmers.


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