Buffet Olives Launches New Range


Buffet OlivesBuffet Olives is a familiar brand on grocery store shelves and now consumers can enjoy six new additions to the range that include delicious and easy to serve pestos and tapenades.

The new ready to eat products draw inspiration from the Spanish style of eating and are conveniently packed in a 100-gram sealed cup, making them easy to share and pair on a snack platter, add to a picnic basket and include in the lunch box. The new range is plant-based, joining the global food movement of healthy snacking.


New range of Pestos and Tapenades:
• Mixed Olives in toasted Cumin, Chilli and Orange Oil
This Moroccan-inspired mixed olives cup is infused with toasted cumin, chilli and orange oil to give diners all the heady aromas and tastes associated with classic African and Middle Eastern cuisine. An essential ingredient for the next tagine or home-cooked stew.

• Mixed Olives in a Thyme and Basil Oil
This classic Italian herb combination, infused with thyme and basil oil, is the perfect appetizer before a meal, with dipping oil for that warm baguette or ciabatta. It is also the ultimate, healthy, anytime snack or picnic hamper ingredient.

• Mixed Olives with Thyme, Oreganum and Rosemary Oil
This Greek-inspired mixed olives cup is infused with thyme, oreganum and rosemary oil. Simple sun-kissed Mediterranean flavours at their best. Enjoy as a topping on a salad, in a Mediterranean style oven bake or as the perfect on-the-go snack.

• Tapenade with Capers and Anchovies
This flavourful Mediterranean-inspired tapenade is the perfect partner to all summer alfresco meals. It is best enjoyed with a collection of fine-cured cold meats, cheeses, pickles and s favourite bread.

• Olive Pesto with Sundried Tomatoes
This Italian-inspired pesto is a luxurious partner to any cooked pasta. Alternatively, use it as a bread spread with a selection of toppings for that perfect Italian “bruschetta”. Don’t forget to add a glass of red wine as the ultimate accompaniment.

• Green Thai Olive Pesto with seven Thai Spices and Coconut
A perfect marinade for fish dishes or as an addition to an Eastern-inspired bowl of noodles. Rub onto prawns, pop into a pan and enjoy the mouth-watering spice flavours of the Far East. Or, add a couple of spoons to the next curry for a warm, hearty, Far Eastern flavoured meal.

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