Cape Town for the Adrenaline Junkie


Scuba diving at the two oceans aquarium cape town
Diving with Yoshi the loggerhead turtle at Two Oceans Aquarium

With a landscape erupting with mountains, splashed by salty waves and whipped by ocean winds, Cape Town is any adrenaline junkie’s dream.

Tandem Skydiving

Are you a fan of heights? How about one 3 000 m up? If you want the adrenaline rush of a lifetime or just love a good view, you’ll find plenty of tandem skydiving opportunities around Cape Town. No skill is needed, and you’ll be harnessed to an experienced instructor all the way to a soft landing.

“When we fell, it was amazing, breathtaking, liberating” – Read Isabelle Horn’s review of her skydiving experience.


If jumping out of planes isn’t your thing, you might find your calling in jumping off a mountain. Paragliders leap from Lion’s Head (669 m) and Signal Hill (350 m) every safe-weather day. Paragliding companies welcome all ages as well as people with disabilities. Strap up with a professional and see the sights.

“There was no running involved – in fact there was no time even to get nervous.  We just stepped out into the air and started to fly.” Read Daisy Ions review  of paragliding.


For the mountaineers, take the long road down the mountain by abseiling 112 m down Table Mountain, one of the longest abseils in the world. The price is exclusive of the cable car up, so make sure you’ve taken in everything on top of the mountain before going back down! Some companies also offer a combo package that includes the hike up Table Mountain; for this some degree of fitness is recommended.

“I could feel the remaining length of rope growing lighter. Then without warning the cliff edge veered straight inwards, leaving me wobbling on the tip of a huge overhang. “ Read Daisy Ions review of abseiling.



Animal lovers can look forward to kayaking on Boulder’s Beach with our delightful African penguin colony. All experience levels are welcome and Kayak Cape Town promises that sea kayaking is no more taxing than hiking up a hill. Take the tour as a group or go it alone and meet new people.

“Bobbing up and down close by (and muttering their imagined conversations under my breath) I could quite happily have observed them for hours… then suddenly they were gone.” Read Daisy Ion’s review of her kayaking experience.

Scuba Diving

Get even closer to our local ocean community by scuba diving beneath Cape Town’s Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Dozens of companies around Cape Town offer scuba diving courses, which you’ll need before heading out into the big blue.  Experienced divers in possession of a Discover Scuba qualification can swim in the brand-new I&J Ocean Exhibit at the Two Oceans Aquarium alongside giant guitarfish, rays, yellowfin tuna, and Yoshi, the Aquarium’s resident loggerhead turtle.

“There we found seals flopping lazily about, sunning their porky bellies as they floated on their backs, drifting gently with the swell.” Read Florence Carr’s review of seal snorkeling.

Shark Cage Diving

For something a little more ferocious than a turtle, perhaps you’ll be interested in being face-to-face with a Great White Shark. Gansbaai, where the dives take place, is approximately two hours from Cape Town, and companies can provide transport if needed. No diving experience is necessary, and if you’re not keen on being caged, you can stay on the boat to spot sharks. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see one breach!

“The cage itself is well built, with space for six or so people side by side, with their heads above water.  When a shark comes near, you simply duck under the surface and peer through your mask at the looming shark.” Read a review of shark cage diving.


Tackle the majestic sand dunes in and around Cape Town with a sand board for a downhill adventure rush. “The higher the dune, the harder the sand.” – Read the Review of our Sandboarding experience.

Kloofing and Canyoning

Kloofing and canyoning down Cape Town’s rugged cliffs and tumbling waterfalls by either abseiling, hiking or diving.

Bungee Jumping

A final recommendation for a death-defying leap: bungee jumping. Comedian Stephen Fry succinctly called it “the biggest fun I’ve ever had”. The Bloukrans Bridge stands as the world’s tallest commercial bungee jump at 216 m and is the “smoothest bungee on the planet”. Follow Stephen Fry’s advice and take the plunge! Take note that you’ll need to drive 6-7 hours out to Plettenberg so make sure you plan around this adrenaline event.

Whether you enjoy leaping from the clouds or diving into the watery abyss, Cape Town can accommodate your adrenaline junkie dreams.

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