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Eco-friendly living begins with the simple things – our morning coffees, our choice of activewear and the towels we use after a swim at Dalebrook. It continues through our afternoons with our clothing choices and accompanies us to our evening plans through the drinks we order.

With so many local businesses providing us with eco-friendly products and experiences, living abundantly and sustainably does not have to be mutually exclusive.

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Like many South Africans, MoreFlavour believes that life is too short for bad coffee. But what if 2019 became the year that we included our coffee’s negative environmental impact as part of our coffee snobbery?

With good coffee being their priority, MoreFlavour is a group of coffee lovers journeying to discover and promote products and methods which get the most flavour out of your coffee.

They distribute fine coffee making devices like the Aeropress™ coffee maker, which not only shines up any roast style but also helps to reduce waste during the coffee brewing process. With products like their Able reusable stainless steel coffee filters or the Fellow Prismo, your daily Aeropress™ brew will create little to no waste.

The Aeropress™ is easy to use, ridiculously easy to clean, portable and versatile. It has fast become the cult brew method of coffee lovers in South Africa and all over the world. It is sold in 75 countries and counting.

If you travel frequently and plan to take your eco-friendly coffee habits with you, MoreFlavour has got the ideal coffee companion for you. Whether it is a road trip or a business trip, your personal environmental impact no longer has to include disposable coffee cups.  

To stock or purchase their products simply visit their website.

Where: Online

Contact: 021 823 7764 |

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Behind Spiritgirl are Leigh and Rochele, two fun-loving, active South African girls. Their products are inspired by their sense of adventure, eco-awareness and passion for design.

Whether you spend your afternoons surfing, at the beach, working out or practicing yoga, Spiritgirl creates activewear and swimwear made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles (PET). As a result, their products reduce the need for landfill space, the demand for dyes and fixing agents and the demand on oil (every 1 ton of recycled PET yarn can save 6 tons of oil). The recycled plastic is woven with spandex to create ideal moisture-wicking, quick-drying and 4-way-stretch fabric.

The design of two of Spiritgirl’s full-length workout leggings and one of their body suit rash vests is mermaid-inspired. 10% of the proceeds of these three products go to the I Am Water Foundation. 

I Am Water believes in the ethos: you protect what you love. They, therefore, give low-income, coastal communities a chance to see the world which exists under the waves, whilst they create awareness around the devastating impact our human activity is having on our oceans.

Where: Online | YogaLife

Facebook: SpiritgirlSA
Instagram: spiritgirl_activewear

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Mungo Design provides world-class homeware products and asks us to question the sustainability of the textiles which we use on a daily basis. They are not driven by the latest trends but instead create timeless, heirloom products that do not contribute to next year’s landfill.

Sustainability and traceability are central to Mungo’s ethos. At their mill in Plettenberg Bay, they have a no-waste policy and all of their offcuts are donated to a community project.

They only use plant-based natural yarn, which is renewable and superior to synthetic alternatives, due to its breathability, handle and quality.

In a world that has lost touch with how things are manufactured, Mungo is passionate about showcasing and valuing the manufacturing process. As a result, their mill is open to the public to view and in turn, learn about and experience the art of weaving.

Knowing that every piece of cloth impacts our environment, let us buy local, buy less, choose well and make it last.

Mungo’s CSR programme, MOVE allows for 1% of their annual turnover to go towards projects and initiatives that seek to benefit the Plettenberg Bay area in which their mill is based.

Where: Online | 78 Hout Street, Cape Town

Contact: | Plett 044 533 1395 | Cape Town 021 201 2374
Facebook: mungodesign
Instagram: mungodesign

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


The Changing Room is a reseller of authenticated luxury designer clothes, handbags, shoes and accessories. They stock brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Gucci and Prada.

With awareness now being created around the fashion industry’s impact on our environment, the trend towards the up-cycling and recycling of clothing items is another way in which our actions are reviving hope for the future of our planet.

Toni Tamaris, the owner of The Changing Room, began her business as a result of her passion for eco-friendly living and her love for all things beautiful. She feels strongly about the fact that cheap fibres and the disposable nature of fast fashion are destroying our environment.

In doing their part to be environmentally responsible, The Changing Room aims to upscale, recycle and extend the lifespan of luxury designer items through reconsigning and sharing them with those who treasure beautiful well-crafted pieces that last a lifetime.

The Changing Room ensures that every item sold is 100% authentic and is in excellent or good condition.

Where: Online | 6 Cavendish St, Claremont

Contact: | 021 683 1716
Facebook: shopthechangingroom
Instagram: shopthechangingroom

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Matsidiso is a Sotho name meaning ‘blessings/comfort after difficulty.’ With their name as a guide, Matsidiso finds inspiration in South Africa’s history and heritage and finds purpose in working towards a brighter future, one in which South Africans are empowered and work in collaboration with our natural world.

In their family-run factory, Matsidiso designs and produces unique, artisanal footwear and handbags that are entirely handmade in South Africa. Their footwear includes women’s oxfords, heels, flats, sandals and boots as well as men’s oxfords, slip-ons and boots.

The Matsidiso luxury handbag and accessories range are an extension of their story. Working with a trust of women in Cape Town and in collaboration with design house, UGLEE, each bag is carefully crafted using locally sourced recycled leathers, hand painted materials or environmentally conscious materials.

With the intention of bettering our collective future, Matsidiso works against mass production and only uses local, ethically-traceable, sustainable and ethically-sourced materials. They seek out small-scale partners who are guided by similar values and wherever possible, Matsidiso works by hand.

Matsidiso is also guided by social responsibility and supports their team with the right skills and salaries so that they can live more empowered lives.

Where: Online | 7 Bird St, Stellenbosch

Contact: 065 819 2406 |
Facebook: matsidisosouthafrica
Instagram: matsidiso_shoes

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Pienaar & Son is a small craft distillery in the centre of the Cape Town City Bowl. This tiny distillery handcrafts spirits with science and art and in their words was founded by a father with more than 40 years of distilling technology experience and his stubborn son. They aim to find fresh ways of creating, and introducing people to quality, modern spirits.

Although they appreciate traditional methods and the history of distillation, they believe that the notion that ‘older is better’ could not be further from the truth. Their ‘master distiller’ just entered his 30s and all their equipment is newly hand built locally. Pienaar & Son believes in starting traditions, not following them.

It was the Cape Town water crisis that led Pienaar & Son to question and alter the traditional gin production process. In an attempt to conserve water, their Drought Edition Gin is not diluted to a drinking strength of 43% alcohol. Instead, it is bottled at 80% alcohol, saving approximately 200 litres of water per batch of gin.

Pienaar & Son offer free gin tastings and tours on Saturdays between 10am and 2pm. Booking is not essential.

Where: 1 Roeland Terrace, Cape Town

Contact: 021 461 4993 |
Facebook: pienaarandson
Instagram: pienaarandson

Cape Town, Eco-friendly


Cause | Effect is an experiential cocktail kitchen and brandy bar, owned by Kurt Schlechter and James ‘Trigger’ Philips. With Cape Town’s fynbos, oceans, vineyards and mountains being the inspiration behind many Cause | Effect cocktails, the bar prioritises eco-friendly practices.

Behind the bar, there is no running tap, but rather a rinsing system that drastically limits water consumption. And when presenting drinks, there are no single-use plastics involved.

To limit waste, Cause | Effect recycles and reuses numerous ingredients, including limes, coffee grinds and pineapples. When sipping a drink garnished with pineapple sherbet, know that this is only one of the five ways that Cause | Effect uses the fruit. After juicing, the pineapple skins are also fermented to create tepache, a pineapple beer.

Sustainability has always been a great focus at Cause | Effect but at their new bar opening in June 2019, they are putting greater emphasis on recycling and are now also including a composting system for the bar’s organic waste.

Having been named the best cocktail bar for the year 2019 and been given the award for the best bar team by the Bartending Accolades & Recognition Awards, Cause | Effect’s eco-friendly practices only seem to be adding to their reputation.

Where: 2A Park Rd, MLT House, Gardens

Contact: 021 422 0266 | 
Facebook: causeeffectbar
Instagram: causeeffectbar

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