Deep Cleansing Juice Detox Retreat

4 to 10 May 2019

Cape Town Detox Cleansing Retreats

The knowledge offered by this juice detox retreat constitutes health education and a deeper understanding of one’s self. Through a juice-cleanse, educational films, nourishing nut milks, veggie broths, corresponding recipes and a host of activities, including yoga and hiking, Cape Town Retreats offers you an opportunity to reconnect with your inner world and discover how to incorporate these learnings in your daily living.

Through the act of fasting, guests come to access their deeper selves. This reconnection with self as well as a cleansing of the body and mind, which comes from the surroundings, events, holistic bodywork treatments and juices, inspires mental clarity and insight. Cape Town Retreats creates a tranquil setting for you to not only deepen your understanding of health and recipes, but use mindfulness to find your own self-knowledge and inner wisdom.

Venue: Guinevere Guest Farm, Tulbagh
Cost: Private Room (1 person) R16 995 p.p. | Shared Room (2 people) R13 995 p.p. | Shared Room (3 people) R10 995 p.p.

Tel: 084 297 5736
Facebook: capetownretreats
Instagram: capetownretreats

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