Cape Town Traffic Congestion Tackled


traffic-congestionThe City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee is pushing for practical solutions to the traffic congestion experienced by commuters.

A budget of R750 million has been earmarked for road infrastructure projects to address congestion in Kommetjie, Kuils River and Blaauwberg over a period of five years. Nonetheless it is recognised that much more needs to be done.  Specifically, a fundamental change in commuter behaviour needs to be encouraged.

Practical solutions proposed by a draft Travel Demand Management Strategy (TDMS) include:

  • improving use of public transport services
  • encouraging walking or cycling where feasible, or car-pooling
  • implementing flexible working hours and/or remote working arrangements for employees

Incentives for these would possibly include

  • increasing the cost of parking
  • reducing the availability of parking bays
  • offering ‘parking cash-outs’ in which employees are offered the cash equivalent of the parking cost included in their remuneration package

‘In the end we want fewer cars on the road during the peak-hour periods, less congestion, and reduced travel times for all commuters at all times. We want to see more people walking, cycling, riding together, and using public transport. It is possible to achieve these goals if residents and the private sector join the City in our efforts,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Transport and Urban Development, Councillor Brett Herron.


Source: City of Cape Town Media Office


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