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A wedding film should capture the energy of the day and reflect a couple’s unique personalities. But because everyone’s style and tastes are different, this can be a very delicate process. From cinematic to avant-garde and documentary, Christine Hogg has found some Cape Town-based wedding videographers who know how to make a wedding video to remember.

cape town wedding videographers


Thalia and John Films’ goal is to capture weddings from an insider’s perspective. “It’s about intimacy. It’s about love,” they say. And in a world of complex choices, they try to keep things simple. To produce a wedding short film to remember, Thalia and John focus on three important elements: style, attention to detail and quality of music. With many years of experience in the wedding industry, they know all the ins and outs, and have worked out a successful, hands-on and personalised approach. Their style is creative and avant-garde, combining documentary storytelling with a semi-cinematic set-up. Thalia and John use professional DSLRs with a variety of lenses, as well as expert audio equipment.

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cape town wedding videographers


Barefeet has a down-to-earth, raw and authentic approach to wedding videography. Their team promises to capture a wedding day “in all its natural splendor” and aim to tell a true story – without frills but with a fairytale-like quality. They believe a relaxed bride and groom make for timeless and captivating footage. This is why they get passionately involved in the celebration’s honest and natural flow, making sure everyone is comfortable. Seeking out “the deeper beauty” of a wedding day, the videographers at Barefeet are in love with natural moments, such as the touch of a hand, a family’s inside joke, a flower girl dancing when she thinks nobody is watching – and of course the groom’s reaction as he sees his bride for the first time.

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cape town wedding videographers


To capture a detailed and authentic wedding film, the team at Chapter 3 immerses themselves in the moment and observes with clear eyes. Their videographers are relaxed and friendly, encouraging the bride and groom to enjoy a stress-free wedding day. They’re known to go the extra mile to truly represent the love that surrounds the couple, and all the people who play a special role in their lives. On the wedding day, three crew members will be present from start to finish, recording high-quality sound and cinematic visuals of the speeches, vows, and atmosphere. All of these are strategically crafted into a film that represents the newlywed couple best.

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cape town wedding videographers


A young, dynamic and film-obsessed team, Verve Wedding Films’ style is inspired by the early-2000s La Dolce Vita ad campaign for Peroni. Verve would like their brides to look and feel like the model in the ad, even if it’s just for one day. Although Verve not only produces black-and-white wedding films, the team considers this their trademark. “There is something timeless to black and white, a sense of sensuality and style,” they say. Verve’s main focus is to enhance the experience and memories of the day. 

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cape town wedding videographers


Lize-Marie Bosch and Marko Kovacevic have been shooting wedding videos since 2013, catering to couples of all backgrounds. They shoot weddings in a documentary style, with an emphasis on the day’s romantic elements. And with tailor-made packages available they are flexible when it comes to clients’ needs. Lize and Marko welcome couples who experiment and don’t shy away from an adventure. 

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