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Start your next outdoor adventure with Cape Union Mart and their expert range of K-Way camping and hiking apparel and exclusive equipment. Nature-lovers, avid hikers, trail enthusiasts and campers can take on rough terrain and any weather mother nature throws at you. This top-quality collection from Cape Union Mart is tailored to endure the wild, so why not pick up a few essentials for your next camping trip or journey among the landscape.

K-Way Mens Rio Re Down Jacket


The ideal outdoor jacket to weather the storm

Brave the outdoors with the K-Way’s Men’s Rio Re:Down Jacket, designed with 100% certified recycled down, making it the sustainable choice and offers high-quality outdoor apparel.

A great garment does not only have an impeccable design, but it is also tailored for longevity coupled with windproof and vapour-permeable fabric. A great way to keep warm and protect yourself from windy weather and colder environments.

The jacket design has elasticated cuffs and hem to keep the cold out, two zip-enclosed hand pockets, and will soon become a firm favourite when taking on the trails or heading out for a camping trip.

K-Way is proud to be the first manufacturer on the African continent to use Re:Down feathers. Cape Union Mart features Re:Down’s sustainable ethos, the collecting of used down feathers from post-consumer goods and quality-checked for good-as-new reuse.

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K-Way Traverse 2 Cowl Sleeping Bag


The outdoors doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

A comfy and durable sleeping bag to take refuge and cozy up under the stars. A great addition to staying warm during those chilly nights, K-Way Traverse 2 Cowl Sleeping Bag is designed for outdoor travels and a versatile item that won’t break the bank.

The heavy-duty outer material has a high thread count of 210T, kitted with a hollow-fiber filling that acts as an excellent insulator against the cold. The ripstop polyester has a high water repellence and restricts wear and tear from spreading. Always protect your sleeping bag from getting wet though.

A steadfast selection for setting up camp and relaxing with the hiking crew. This accessory has an independent foot-friendly zipper, which can be opened if you want some heat to escape and let cool air circulate the interior. Adventurers can choose from Charcoal-royal, Blue-turquoise, Navy-red colours.

The cowl or hood provides warmth for your head. Cape Union Mart has recently added a sleeve within the cowl where you can place your pillow, or even stuff your fleece jacket to become your pillow.

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K-Way Explorer Talus Floppy


Great UV protection to combat hot and windy climates

Lightweight headgear to keep the sun at bay and shielding you from windy weather and warm climates. The K-Way Explorer Talus Floppy is a stylish accessory with great weather-resistant properties.

The classic wide-brimmed hat is effective against harsh elements, offering UV protection from the rays and made with heavy-duty K-Way Explorer fabric.

The integrated sweatband helps stop perspiration from dripping into your eyes, while the hydrophobic fabric will allow moisture to evaporate quickly.

A nifty head accessory that has added ventilation panels, keeping you cool during humid and warm climates. The chin strap is adjustable and can be tightened in windy conditions to stop your hat from blowing away. A great fit for any expedition and unexpected forecasts.

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K-Way Expedition Series Kili 16 Boot


Suited for Africa’s highest peak

All the gear listed in the K-Way Expedition Series has been tried and tested by our K-Way Ambassadors in the conditions that they were designed for. The K-Way Kili 16 Boot was put through its paces on Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp before it was approved for final production.

Amazing outdoor footwear built with support and comfort in mind. Reinforced with a heavy-duty Vibram outsole is known for its exceptional grip and durability, making those steep and rocky ascensions less strenuous.

The boot provides slightly higher ankle support – unrivaled protection for your foot on longer hikes and uneven terrain. The boot is a must-have for trail enthusiasts and hiking adventurers. A multi-terrain boot for conquering long and rugged travels and fully waterproof.

Women’s Kili ’16 Boot offers a range tailored for her, available in black with decorous burgundy trimming. The men and woman’s versions boast the same technical design, fitted with the steel and fiberboard support system – allowing for stability and carrying the weight of a heavy backpack.

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K-Way Horizon 6 Person Tent


The big daddy of the tent family 

The K-Way Horizon 6 Person Tent offers a spacious set up, great for a large group of friends or a family of six getting out of town on a fun camping getaway.

The tent weighs roughly 10.3kg, so don’t consider it as a hiking or expedition option: it’s made for settling in and setting up camp.

A Waterhead of 1500mm will handle most rainy conditions, while netting will keep out mosquitos and other pesky insects. Reflective guy ropes to help you navigate around the tent at night or in low light. It has a rugged construction, with a flysheet made of Ripstop Nylon, YKK zips and fiberglass tent poles.

A great feature is the roof window that allows for excellent ventilation and view of the stars. The large front-vestibule provides added storage space at night.

Note that this tent sleeps six but does not allow additional space for baggage. Consider using this tent as a glamping option. There is enough space for a queen-sized inflatable mattress with additional space for baggage, food preparation and lounging.

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Ultratec Multifunction 2 PC LED Emergency Lamp Kit AC_DC


An essential gadget for illuminating the way 

This utility LED lantern is a great multi-functional gadget and the perfect companion for any camp.

An essential piece of kit for unexpected power outages, coming to the rescue with two lighting functions. The Lantern mode with 24 LED to light up an area of a room or a focused spotlight function if you need to it as a traditional flashlight.

A powerhouse of energy, equipped for 50 hours burn time in lantern mode, 100 hours burn time in spotlight mode. The lamp can be mounted, set up as a free-standing source light and can be carried as a portable lantern.

The rechargeable battery can be charged using the AC and DC charging cables. The lantern can be used as a power bank to charge your electronic devices via USB ports. A great tool to recharge your cellphone or other devices such as cameras and GPS equipment.  

The utility LED lantern is available as a single unit or can be purchased in a pair, and includes a handy carry bag. 

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K-Way Mens Tundra 2 Boot


Wet weather is no match

Take on wet terrain and heavy trails with the K-Way Men’s Tundra 2 Boot. Lightweight, durable and water repellent, the Tundra is fitted with a removable EVA insole and a Nubuck and Oxford upper.

A great balance between rubber and carbon provides a solid grip with reasonable abrasion resistance. Hiking footwear that offers optimal grip and stability when traversing wet and damp environments.

The flexible boot made with breathable lining, water-resistant Nubuck leather with Oxford Nylon. A fantastic way to keep your foot dry along watery routes and rainy weather. The design includes a removable EVA(ethylene vinyl acetate) foam insole for cushioning and moisture control.

Whether you’re hiking along the ravines or navigating rapids on your next hiking expedition or camping trip, the K-Way Men’s Tundra 2 Boot offers maximum protection from the water and has a polyurethane toe bumper for extra protection from bumps and potential bruises.

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K-Way Ravine ‘19 CapK-WAY RAVINE ’19 CAP

Sleek and stylish head protection.

It seems as if some classic designs are destined to last forever. The ever-faithful K-Way Ravine ‘19 Cap offers the ultimate protection from harmful sun exposure, and a perfect addition for all hiking enthusiasts and campers.

Inspired by the historic French Foreign Legion, the K-Way Ravine Cap is a legionnaires cap with a modern twist. The legionnaire’s cap – a standard cap with a distinctive extension on the back to protect the wearer’s neck against sunburn. 

You can always expect top quality from K-Way, and their Ravine Cap ’19 doesn’t disappoint. It has a special zippered pouch for you to tuck the extension flap away when you don’t need it, converting your legionnaire’s cap into a stylish peak. 

The design is lightweight and made with quick-drying nylon fabric, this cap will keep you dry from perspiration while protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose your styles such as Dark Olive or Khaki. 

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The K-Way Ranger ChairK-WAY RANGER CHAIR

Sometimes heavier is better

Weighing in at 6.18KG, most of the K-Way camping chairs are manufactured using lightweight and robust aluminium. Cape Union Mart has learned that it is sometimes better to sacrifice lightweight materials for slightly heavier and more sturdy steel tubing. 

The K-Way Ranger Chair is manufactured using 22mm steel tubing and a foam padded seating area which makes it the most robust chair in the K-Way range. A great seating option to gather around the fire with the camping crew.

The chair folds easily into a more compact size, easy to transport with the handy carry bag. The seating area is specially designed for lumbar support while the higher back area allows for all-day comfort.

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