Cecilia Forest


Cecilia Forestcnr Hohenhort & Rhodes dr, Cape Town

This walk is circular and although most of it is flat and easy, you do need to be aware of where the path leads. If you reach a fork where one road heads back and down to the left, whilst the other continues round to the right, you know you’ve erred. But a lot of people walk this particular Cecilia Forest walk, so follow the odd group and you should easily manage.

A different route is to head to Cecilia Forest’s waterfall. This walk is achieved both via the above-mentioned car park, or from Kirstenbosch. The latter heads up past the dam above the gardens and onto the ridge where, once on the contour path you follow signs to Rooikatkloof and subsequently to Cecilia Ravine.

The waterfall is down in the forest area and quite a contrast to the rather dry and hot parts through which you walk to reach it. A stop here is well worth it, the water icy and the coolness of the forest beautiful. This is a popular walk with hikers, although more difficult than the many ambles you can follow by remaining on the contour paths from Cecilia Forest car park through to Newlands Forest.

Venue: cnr Hohenhort & Rhodes dr, Cape Town
Time: Daily
Cost: Free

Website: Cecilia Forest





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