Profile: John Vlismas


Outspoken and deliberately controversial, John Vlismas is one of South Africa’s most prolific and award winning international comics. He has represented South Africa in Toronto, finishing in the top eight at the Yuk Yuk’s Great Canadian Laugh Off. He has also performed at many international festivals including the Maulhelden Festival in Berlin, Shady Okes in London and at the Bulmer’s Comedy Festival in Dublin.

He remains the only South African comedian to be invited to return three times to Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, and has also performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, where he enjoyed a sold out run of 28 shows in the highly regarded Best of the Edinburgh Festival showcase.

Vlismas is also a columnist and has written for The Star newspaper and for In London magazine.

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  1. Introducing Satan’s rabbi! With a punked-out mohawk, a beaded string of hair and a devilish smile, his audience had reason to feel a little wary. And within five minutes it’s clear that nothing much has changed since he was last on our stages 10 years ago. Vlismas does not hold back, and regardless of his audience he revels in pushing their buttons. Click here to read the full review of John Vlismas in .38

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