Profile: Tracy Klass


Born and raised in Cape Town, this Jewish mother of three has been dubbed “the Kugal from Sea Point”.

A lady of small build with a large voice, Klass’s comedy tends to be inwardly directed, laughing at herself as a role model, though she can be mercilessly sharp-witted with hapless members of the audience.

Klass made her debut in 2005 with fellow comedienne Mel Jones in a performance called Doing it for the Money. The two have risen to become well known names in Cape Town, and often can be found sharing a stage with other local talent such as Anne Hirsch and Mel Shevlane.

She has recently teamed up with popular comedians Riaad Moosa and Stuart Taylor for her first solo show, Klass Struggle at top comedy venue, On Broadway. She can also be seen at popular venues throughout Cape Town such as Zula Bar, Don Pedro Restaurant in Woodstock and The Roxy Revue Bar in Grand West.  Klass has also appeared in a television advertisement for Avis.

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