Review: Martin Evans’ FBPK


While many South Africans were held in thrall by the national fervour of the World Cup, Martin Evans was left to incubate for most of 2010 in a public hospital.  There he was exposed to what seemed like more genuine South African experience, and he is since a changed man.  After almost a year spent in a public hospital, who wouldn’t be?

But Evans is grateful for this experience. Out of this intense period of introspection, mostly passed lolling in bed and “having braais”, he has hatched his new comedy show: Martin Evans’ FBPK.

Evans’ entrance on stage, water bottle in hand, is so unassuming it almost catches you off guard. Is this the guy? Or has the lighting technician just come to adjust something? His smooth, easy entrance sets the tone for rest of the show as he cruises through his routines with pleasing wit and coherence.

Evans’ take on South African-ness is a sweet distraction from the grind of politics. His comedy is light hearted and drifts from the hypocrisies of the local scooter industry, through the joyful discovery of Afrikaans reality TV, to his time spent in a wheelchair as a “lonely bearded hipster” listening to folk music and making cupcakes flavoured with the salt of his own tears.

While one or two jokes made me cringe a little (workhorse jokes playing on Afrikaans names – a safe bet no doubt for a comedy nestled in Kalk Bay) Evans had the majority of the audience continually chortling with glee.

Evans could take more risks, but his strength also lies in making the viewer rediscover anew the little idiosyncrasies of South African culture that come alive through his fresh (post public hospital) perspective. His strongest moments are his lively physical impersonations: with a few well-timed grunts and stomps this man can trump a punchline.

The Kalk Bay Theatre is comfortable and warm with snug seating and an upstairs dining area that that makes you feel as if you are in the hold of a 20th century luxury yacht.

For a slick and uplifting show, and to find out the story behind ‘Full Body P*** Klap’ a visit to the Kalk Bay Theatre should not be missed.

Jacob Claassens


FBPK runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre 7 – 24 of November, Wednesday to Saturdays at 8.30pm and on Sundays at 8pm. Tickets cost R 95. Ages 16+

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