Review: Comedy Night at Trinity


I’ve never been more pleased to get asked to move from where I was seated.  Of course the table I’d been put at was the best in the house…  and being right in front of the stage would be fine for pretty much any event, up to and including watching the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding in.

But this was stand up comedy.  A front row seat in a stand up comedy show is a direct pass to having the piss ripped out of you by someone with a microphone.

The show started with the host for the evening, Paul Snodgrass, doing a short routine which started slow but improved as the evening warmed up. To say he was entertaining in parts would most certainly be appropriate – he revelled most in sexual humour, particularly in trying to see things from the woman’s point of view.

Headline act Ndumiso Lindi was also a pleasant surprise.  Mostly concentrating on his own culture and interactions with white culture, his commentary on white people’s pets was priceless.  On learning the breed of dog owned by one audience member, he commented that he’d learned something new.  The only dog breed he been aware of was a ‘police dog’.

Martin Evans was probably the highlight of the night for me.  He spoke mostly about his scooter accident and his subsequent stay in a state hospital, an experience which is unknown to the majority of white people in South Africa. I laughed until I cried at his description of learning Afrikaans from the soap-opera 7de Laan [ITAL] while flat on his back and high on morphine.  And his online venture with his laptop, which the staff figured was some device from the future.

It really is a rather interesting-looking club, Trinity.  Many different floors with a variety of different things to do: some areas for dining, some for cocktail and shooter bars, all mixed up with some occasional dance floors here and there.  It’s a pretty place stylistically and it has a definite upmarket vibe about it compared to some other Cape Town clubs.  But then it was modelled on those fancy places in Europe, so that’s what you can expect to get.  Tuesdays are comedy nights, and relatively calm.   I’m looking forward to checking it out on a busy night, and see what more it has to offer.

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