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Dating in Cape Town can be overwhelming. There is an abundance of places to visit, a surplus of activities and things to see, and on top of this conundrum, we have a vast amount of different people and lifestyles in our rainbow nation. So how do you choose the right place? Geraint Bojé has set out to congregate some of these activities in a nifty list, with the effort to assist our readers with these questions.

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Bombay Brasserie


Dinner for date night is always a good idea, but the Experience Set Menu at Bombay Brasserie is something entirely special and show-stopping. The fine dining restaurant takes Indian cuisine to new heights with this five-course gastro feast.

Executive Chef David Tilly and his team packs punch into each course of authentic Indian cooking with a Cape Malay edge. Take your time and savour through small plate-style curries, grills, freshly baked naan, and homemade palate cleansers. The setting at Bombay Brasserie is intimate and romantic, washed with lush warm lighting for a cosy atmosphere.

Where: Taj Cape Town Hotel, 1 Wale Street, corner St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Centre
When: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – 9.30pm, until 31 August 2022

Website:  Email: | Tel: 021 819 2000
Facebook: @tajcapetown  Instagram: @tajcapetown



Kaskazi Kayak Adventures is the longest-running kayaking company in Cape Town. The name stems from the Swahili word that translates to ‘North Wind.’

These guys are passionate about kayaks, kayak training, and obviously the kayak experiences they offer. The trips are limited to 12 pax, and guests can cruise along the coast and bask in the views of Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and Signal Hill.

Reenact your favourite rom-com movie by splashing a bit of water on your date to emphasize your playful side, or race each other to show off your core strength and forearm skills. Whatever your preference, we recommend Kaskazi in our Cape Town date ideas.

Where: Three Anchor Bay, Cape Town
When: Every day: 7am – 6pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 067 927 7158
Facebook: @kaskazikayaks | Instagram: @kaskazikayaks


Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront provides numerous shops, restaurants and activities. One of these spontaneous and highly entertaining gems is the Cave Golf inside the Mineral World – Scratch Patch.

Offering an 18-hole mini-golf terrain for players equipped with all sorts of skills, from buttered fingers to a potential Tiger Woods, it’s a fantastically fun activity for all ages.

Come rain or come shine, this mini-golf course is indoors. So, there won’t be anything dampening the mood of your date. Find yourself laughing away at one another’s silly mistakes, or bring your game-face and beat each other’s best score. We won’t judge.

Where: Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
When: Every day: 9am – 4:30pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 786 2020
Facebook: @ScratchPatchSA | Instagram: @sratchpatchsa



Rollercade is the very first indoor roller-skating amusement park in Cape Town. It has provided a safe space to relearn your juvenescence skills or to continue your current endeavour (depending on your age) without worrying about oncoming cars, pedestrians, or judgement from fellow roller-skaters.

Bookings are essential to participate in the roller sessions. If you find yourself in a tiresome mood, there is an additional gaming arcade area and pool tables to enjoy while you catch your breath.

Rollercade provides the skates and safety gear. So, all you have to bring is your partner and your best moves. However, be aware that this activity may rekindle your childhood memories or destroy your dreams when you realise, you’re not as nimble as you once thought.

Where: Dock Road, Waterfront, Cape Town
When: Times vary on Sessions. See bookings for more.

Website: | Email: | Tel: 072 064 3963
Facebook: @RollerCade | Instagram: @rollercadeza

Date Ideas in Cape Town


This venue is a world-class cocktail kitchen and Cape brandy bar. Now, suppose that sentence didn’t suffice as a terminological assembly of persuasion. Then, I’ll continue to mention that Cause | Effect received a Top 10 Best International Cocktail Bar Nomination at the 16th Annual Spirited Awards in June 2022.

Visitors can effortlessly enjoy an elegant Aperitivo, a Cape Negroni, or one of their fabulous experiential cocktails inspired by Cape Town’s oceans, mountains, vineyards, and fynbos. By infusing and enhancing some of the most potent flavours and aromas, this bar creates unique, vintage, classic, and experiential drinks that hold a league of their own.

What’s more classic than a simple date in a bar where two people can chat the night away and discover the worlds they have in common.

Where: 280 Dock Road, Waterfront, Cape Town
When: Mon – Thu: 10am – 12:30am | Fri – Sun: 9am – 12:30am

Website: | Tel: 021 422 0266
Facebook: @CauseEffectBar | Instagram: @causeeffectbar



Traditionally Hawaiian, Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) has been a craze in Cape Town for a while. Welcoming experienced and fresh-blood guests to their waters, SUP offers 30-min or 1-hour sessions. They do, however, provide introductory lessons on flat water at their three stations. See the booking section for more.

By serenading your partner in the manner of a Venetian gondolier and being in close proximity to hotel accommodation, all while boasting a gorgeous backdrop, it is ideal for a romantic date in Cape Town.

Even though this sport promotes balance, core strength and general fitness, one can take a lazy trip out onto the beautiful coastal waters and enjoy the spectacular views whilst you catch a tan and look cool doing so.

Where: Battery Park, Waterfront, Cape Town
When: Mon: 10am – 5pm | Tue – Sun: 9am – 5pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 071 603 8388
Facebook: @SUP.Cape.Town | Instagram: @supcapetown



The chemistry between roses and romance shares a foundation since time immemorial. When we think about the word ‘romance’, chances are you envision roses and candlelight slightly distorted and vague by the lens of a soap opera. Or perhaps rose petals and silk sheets complemented by the sound of running bathwater in the background.

Speaking of pictures, albeit mentally, Chart Farm is a picturesque rose farm situated in the heart of the Southern Suburbs near Wynberg. Being the only premises in the Cape Peninsula where one can select and pick their own roses, this 12-hectare farm takes pride in the range it has to offer.

Having a date here in the luscious outdoors and beautiful farmstall surrounded by a panoramic view that stretches all the way to False Bay.

Where: 1A Klaasens Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town
When: All week 9am – 4pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 762 0067
Facebook: @Chart Farm | Instagram: @the_chart_farm



There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t dreamt of flying over mountains, skyscrapers, forests and oceans. Whether this was a magical dream as a kid with superpowers or a bucket list activity via a plane or helicopter, we’ve all dreamt it one way or another. NAC might be your golden ticket.

Established in 1946, NAC Helicopters has been flying patrons in luxurious helicopters over the glorious coastline of the Cape Peninsula. Based in the V&A Waterfront, it is perfectly located to flaunt the astonishing beauty of our Mother City, Cape Town. NAC also does personal destinations if previously arranged. See here or more.

Where: East Pier Road, Waterfront, Cape Town.
When: All week 8am – 5pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 425 3868
Facebook: @NACHelicopters | Instagram: @nachelicopters



Impress your date with your best Clint Eastwood squint and smirk whilst posing on the back of one of nature’s most majestic animals. Horse Riding Cape Town offers the chance to ride in the romantic setting of Noordhoek’s Long Beach.

Long Beach stretches over 8km. Therefore, it is the perfect beach to walk along on horseback as you take in the beautiful scenery that envelopes you. On average, the rides last an hour and a half, with a starting point of wetlands all the way through to the beaches.

From the variety of wildlife and mountain views to the washed-up ruins of Kakapo, the shipwreck that dates back to 1900, Horse Riding Cape Town can provide an incredible date to remember.

Where: Kommetjie, Noordhoek, Cape Town
When: Daily departures at 9pm | 12pm | 3:30pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 076 251 8584
Facebook: @capetownhorseriding | Instagram: @horseridingcapetown



The Labia Theatre was founded in 1949, making it the oldest Independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa. Unlike regular cinemas or ‘bioscopes’, as the cool kids used to say, The Labia shows independent movies, foreign films, historical cinemas and other alternative and art circuit films.

Another quirky factor that gives this venue a unique experience and adds to the old-fashioned ambience is the coffee car with a liquor license. Selling all sorts of home-made delectable delicacies and snacks for the past 40 years.

Watching a movie with someone can be a special bond and an educational experience to boot. When someone frightens easily, or cries, sighs, awes or laughs at a particular moment, it can tell you quite a lot about them. This is why we recommend a movie night at The Labia as a perfect date idea in Cape Town.

Where: 68 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town
When: All week: 11am – 10:30pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 424 5927
Facebook: @LabiaTheatre | Instagram: @thelabia



This family-run ceramic painting venue has been on every local’s list of fun-things-to-do since it opened its doors in Hout Bay and CBD. Bring your partner along and paint any of the ceramics on offer, from bowls, mugs and jugs, to figurines. Relish in this painting experience while enjoying the delicious tapas and relaxing music. However, we do not suggest that visitors should re-enact the scene from the famous classic movie, Ghost. After all, this is a family venue, and luckily, patrons only paint the ceramics, not make them.

Clay Café primarily focuses on creative experimentation guided by their team of knowledgeable individuals. Don’t fret. They won’t block your creative juices by telling you what to do or how to do it. They’re simply there to assist you in achieving your ceramic masterpiece. Painters have the freedom to paint whatever their imagination is or isn’t limited to.

Due to the popularity and demand of the venue, we highly recommend making a reservation, because walk-in space is limited.

Where: 199 Bree Street, Cape Town
When: Mon – Tue: 9am – 6:30pm | Wed: 10am – 8pm | Thu – Fri: 10 – 9pm | Sat: 9am – 9pm | Sun: 9am – 6pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 061 917 4191
Facebook: @ClayCafeInTheCity | Instagram: @claycafe_inthecity



If you’ve ever been lucky enough to climb the boulders in the Cederberg Wilderness, you will undoubtably know that it is a sport for those with thick skin and strong hands. City Rock set out to simplify this experience by adding safety and entertainment with the additional bonus of not bumping and scraping your fingers to the bone.

Being one of the country’s biggest climbing gyms, City Rock offers a world-class facility, encouraging climbers and like-minded people to keep fit, achieve goals, and share their love of rock climbing.

City Rock also offers Pilates and beginner Yoga classes for climbers to strengthen their core or unwind after a climb. The extra gym equipment is designated to improve climbers’ capabilities but can also be used as more straightforward strengthening utilities.

If you and your partner are adrenaline-seeking lovers of sport and exercise, we suggest City Rock as a fun bonding activity.

Where: 9 Milner St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town
When: Mon – Thu: 11am – 9pm | Fri – Sun: 9am – 6pm

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 447 1326
Facebook: | Instagram: @cityrock_cpt


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