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Being a 47 year old Constantia mom at heart, this date was a natural next step on my exploration of the Mother City.

Constantia is synonymous with beautiful landscapes, long lazy wine tasting afternoons and what the kids will call “the soft life”.

La Colombe Dating the City with Brendon Roux

La Colombe

Consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in South Africa, it would be near criminal not visit the iconic La Colombe restaurant while exploring the Constantia region.

From the word go I was transported to a new world: one of class, greenery, theatre and captivating cuisine.

Adapting to the ‘When in Rome’ approach to living, I opted for the 8-course chef’s menu, complete with caviar and drinks pairing. Why not?

The elegant decor of the restaurant, coupled with the breathtaking views and food that told a different visual story with each course left me quite weak with desire. This one’s a heartbreaker.

Constantia Glen Dating the City with Brendon Roux

Constantia Glen

I have never been in Constantia for longer than an hour and not ended up at a wine tasting of some sort. This date was no different.

Loathe as I was to tear myself away from La Colombe, I chose to head to Constantia Glen Wine estate for a little digestif. Constantia Glen not only has a world class reputation but is a place near and dear to my heart. I’ve spent many birthdays, celebrations and simple girls’ trips at this mountainside hideaway, sipping wine and gazing out at the magnificent views. It exudes a glorious peace that pairs beautifully with all its wines.

The remainder of the afternoon slipped away as easily as the delicious wine, as I listened to wholesome anecdotes of the winemaker Justin van Wyk and his muse (his family).


Thank you Constantia, Thank you Cape Town,
Brendon xx

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La Colombe

Tel: 021 749 2390
Instagram: @lacolombect
Facebook: @LaColombeRestaurant


Constantia Glen

Tel: 021 795 5639
Instagram: @constantiaglen
Facebook: @ConstantiaGlen




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