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Derek Gripper Online ClassesDerek Gripper, acclaimed guitar virtuoso hosts a variety of classes for participants of all levels. While the first lesson is free, the rest are subject to Gripper’s Patreon tiers.

Classes emphasise the griot ideal of non-critical learning, allowing students to do hat they can and learn by trying, doing and listening.

As a patron guests can join lessons live or access the database of recorded lessons (around two per day), a google drive of worksheets and beginner scores, and a vast stream of published scores on the Patreon Posts.

There are various types of group lessons, including Introduction to Guitar, Group Playing Sessions, Group Cycles Sessions and Bach classes among other.

Introduction to guitar is meant for those with no knowledge of how to play. Sessions are run once or twice a month, are rare and need to be booked when available or as an individual lesson. Those interested can schedule a group introduction lesson for free via email, then join Gripper on Patreon if they want more.

Group Playing Sessions are focused on playing, no matter the level of the student. A session sees students learning small accompaniments, working out new pieces from old recordings, practicing parts of Gripper’s worksheets and learning basic rhythms to be used in larger pieces.

Group Cycles Session, similar to Playing Sessions although harder, sees Gripper practice with students from the many scores he has published. This is done either to master details or to learn how to use the ideas in the scores for improvising and composing. Sessions focus on bigger pieces and longer structures, gaining a knowledge of the bigger picture of pieces. Music by Toumani Diabate, Ali Farka Toure, JS Bach, Arvo Part are included, their scores received by patrons.

Bach Classes (intermediate to advanced) occur over a few weeks as students and Gripper work together on a piece from Bach’s violin or cello music and from Gripper’s own arrangements. These classes are straight from a score and students work phrase by phrase, using repetition to make the phrase lengths part of muscle memory.

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