DINE4SIX Virtual Social Dining


DINE4SIX Virtual Social Dining DINE4SIX is a social dining platform that connects users online using the Google tool, Hangouts, which creates a virtual space to share conversation, recipes and culinary skills while interacting with people across the country.

Participants then prepare dinner to be ready for 7.30pm and are invited to a group chat 5 minutes before it starts.

This virtual space encourages social solidarity during the National Lockdown due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), which aims to bridge the gaps of social distancing.

Users require a stable internet connection, preferably on a laptop or a phone with a stand and the meal to eat during the experience.

The survey is keeping the conversation ongoing and the opportunity for this social engagement to grow. More information about the survey is available here: www.dine4six.com

Time: 7.30pm
Cost: R50

Website: www.dine4six.com


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