The Best Alcohol-Free Wine and Drinks in Cape Town


With Cape Town being no exception to the alcohol-free movement, sober-curious trend, local businesses are listening. Whether you are looking for non-alcoholic botanical spirits, kombucha, Cola, G&Ts, cocktails or de-alcoholised wine, we’ve got you covered. Sober, social and sophisticated can belong in the same sentence!

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VerGin was South Africa’s first distilled, non-alcoholic, organic botanical spirits launched in 2018. Made from real Juniper and organic botanicals it looks like a gin, is served like a gin and makes a perfect G&T, without any additives, artificial sweeteners or colourants. It is 0% sugar and 0% alcohol. 

Their range includes Bloom, a gin with a beautiful rose geranium profile and floral notes, and Limon, a gin with lemon and lime notes, balanced with juniper and gentle cardamom spice undertones. 

VerGin also creates ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktails. Their Bloom Cranberry Lavender Cosmo provides an aromatic twist on the classic Cosmo. And if you’re looking for a classic minty Mojito taste without the hangover, try their Limon Mojito. No sugar or sweeteners have been added and both are preservative-free.

VerGin enjoys creating unique experiences and collaborating with brands that they feel share their values. Therefore, they are currently working with a couple of Hermanus restaurants to offer a plant-based VerGin pairing menu. Keep an eye on their social media for further details and the launch date. 

You can find VerGin drinks at the Vegan & Plant-Powered Food & Wine Show in May 2020 at the CTICC and purchase them at various retail outlets, Liquor Cities and Tops – see their website for their stockists.

Where: Vermont, Western Cape | Online | Liquor Cities and Tops

Contact: | 079 276 2479
Facebook: vermontverginsa
Instagram: vergin_sa

Dry Living in 2020


Monatea was created by co-founders, Imraan and Tsepo, avid hikers and friends of 30 years. It offers South Africans an entirely natural, organic drink, to be enjoyed absolutely guilt-free. 

The venture began as a result of co-founders looking to reduce their sugar intake and unsuccessfully finding a sugar-free drink that had a robust flavour profile whilst not including artificial sweeteners. 

As avid hikers who love nature and the outdoors, Imraan and Tsepo decided to produce a high-quality, botanical-based drink, inspired by the diverse floral kingdom that they often hiked through. Therefore, Monatea is unique to the Cape but captivating enough to entice the world. 

Having entered a space that is crowded with many brands making bold health claims, Monatea has taken the principled decision of an understated approach, confident that by selecting the best quality organic ingredients, rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, as well as using the most mindful processes, the benefits will be unmistakable to consumers who care. 

Where: Available at Nude Foods, SANS, The Kind Kitchen, Cafe Charles, Organic Zone and various other restaurants and health stores.

Contact: | 072 378 7409
Facebook: drinkmonatea
Instagram: drinkmonatea

Dry Living in 2020


Happy Culture Kombucha is an ambassador of healthy and happy lifestyles, with an impassioned vision to evolve the world of beverages in line with the evolution of humankind. By offering goodness, life and good vibes through fermented drinks, Happy Culture intends to empower, uplift and inspire people to live bold, fulfilling lives. 

Kombucha is a fizzy fermented tea, bubbling with living probiotics, along with a seemingly endless list of health benefits. Not only does it support gut flora and overall well-being, but mental health too, since 95% of your body’s serotonin is stored in the gut. The organic acid present in the brews also makes them a great palate cleanser to enjoy with a delicious meal. 

Happy Culture’s style is fresh, clean, beautifully balanced and low sugar, with an elegant effervescence to bring it all to life. With green tea as their base, the flavours include Cucumber & Mint, Raspberry & Hibiscus, Pineapple & Lime, Blueberry & Basil, Ginger Lemon and Rooibos Chai. 

Each batch is passionately handcrafted at their beautiful production home in the Cape Winelands, using mineral water, natural raw ingredients and authentic methods. Through this, the team ensures an optimal environment for their cultures to thrive and become what they affectionately call ‘Happy Cultures’.

Where: Pick ‘n Pay, Spar, Wellness Warehouse, Food Lovers Markets and a range of delis, health stores and coffee shops around the country.

Contact: | 083 405 0384
Facebook: happyculturekombucha
Instagram: happyculture_kombucha

Dry Living in 2020


Fibs began in Cape Town just over a year ago as a result of the increasing mindful drinking trend in South Africa and worldwide. 

They have created arguably the most authentic tasting Virgin G&T in the world, available in two flavours: Classic Dry and their pink Rose & Cucumber. Their Virgin G&Ts are incredibly low in calories (under 30 per bottle) and they use no artificial colourants or sweeteners.

Already, their drinks have been incredibly well-received. They won a Mercury Award in Abu Dhabi for the best non-alcoholic drink in the world at the end of 2018, beating Heineken Zero. As the most prestigious travel catering award in the world, a Mercury Award is most definitely a reason to stop and taste what all the hype is about. 

They are soon launching their flavoured alcohol-free Russian-style vodka, Fibka. And for those people not too fond of the bitter taste of the tonic, there is another alternative as well. Fibka will come in two flavours: Cranberry Crush and Luscious Lime. 

Fibs’ goal is to provide people with healthier, guilt-free alternatives. They aim to be classy and sophisticated, whilst at the same time, remaining playful and fun.

Where: Tops & Checkers Liquor Stores, Yuppiechef and many independent bottle stores and restaurants across the Western Cape.

Contact: | 087 012 5352
Facebook: drinkfibs
Instagram: drinkfibs

Dry Living in 2020


Brew Kombucha doesn’t just produce a product that people dig, they make it sustainably so you can make a difference by buying it. They offer free tastings at their brewery and invite you to buy your favourite flavour or a mixture of them in boxes of 4 or a case of 24.

Brew Kombucha is the only certified organic kombucha in South Africa. It has no added preservatives and bubbles with antioxidants, indigenous medicinal and natural probiotics. For plant-based individuals, it also gives you 233% of your daily required intake of vitamin B12! 

Their rooibos kombucha comes in three flavours: Original Rooibos, Buchu Babe and African Rose. 

Through their products, Brew Kombucha is pioneering a new way of thinking around convenience and health. Their kombucha is for people who care about keeping healthy and looking after nature while doing so. Therefore, they ensure a sustainable production process in various ways, including getting as close to entirely eliminating plastic as possible. 

For more information and updates, visit their website, social media or brewery.

Where: Studio 1, Montebello, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands | Various stockists | Online

Contact: | 076 235 3774
Facebook: brewkombucha
Instagram: brewkombucha

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Cape Cola aims to create change by making our most popular soft drink more sustainable. It is still just as refreshing, but now it is also locally sourced, ethically produced and made from all-natural ingredients. Their company is the way in which the Cape Cola team is giving back to South Africa. 

Cape Cola is made with natural flavours extracted from botanicals and does not contain added sugar. Its main ingredient is the Kola Nut, but also finds flavour in limes, honeybush, ginger and mate. 

Cape Cola takes social responsibility very seriously and their goal is to achieve a real and sustainable impact through working with small-batch produces, only working with family-run businesses, supporting local farmers and actively creating employment opportunities. Cape Cola has also teamed up with Greenpop, allowing them to part one tree every time they sell 500 Cape Cola bottles.

Cape Cola will be at the Fools and Fans Festival, a weekend of craft beer (and non-alcoholic options) taking place from 3 to 5 April in Greyton.

Where: Stocked at various restaurants and stores across Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Worcester.

Contact: | 078 477 7350
Facebook: capecola
Instagram: capecola

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Lautus launched in 2017 as the first de-alcoholised wine in South Africa. The founder, Reg Holder of Holder Vineyard & Wines (Pty) Ltd, was on a mission to produce a non-alcoholic wine that would portray the beautiful complexity, elegance and finesse of premium wine. 

As with all wine, the true heros are the vineyards. By using selected sites which produce wines of high aromatic complexity and balance, along with cutting edge technology, Lautus has managed to produce truly exceptional wines. 

They remove the alcohol via spinning cone technology, at low temperatures and under vacuum. During the initial pass, 100% of the wine’s volatile flavour and aromatic essence is captured and set aside. During the second pass, the neutral alcohol is removed from the wine.

Their range includes Lautus Savvy White, Savvy Red, Lautus Rose and Lautus Sparkling. Lautus De-Alcoholised Wines are stocked in all major retail outlets including Woolworths as well as top-rated restaurants around South Africa. 

When buying two or more cases of wines from the Lautus website, you can expect free delivery.

Where: Stellenbosch | Woolworths Stores

Contact: | 083 678 9598
Facebook: drinklautus
Instagram: drinklautus

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Pajamas and Jam Eatery is a family-run business, offering good food, good music and an extraordinary collection of treasures. Along with their frequently edited menu, they offer a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages. 

Mornings at Pajamas and Jam begin early. At 7am they are pouring cortados, serving freshly baked croissants and icing cakes. They greet morning locals and serve breakfasts, which include Sweetcorn Scrambled and Cardamom + Nut French Toast. 

Their lunch rush sees many new faces, with everyone back stage in the kitchen working to exceed expectations. And as a result of their attention to detail, they serve gorgeous dishes, which include poke bowls, ravioli, bacon and brie quesadilla and a variety of wraps, flatbreads and salads. You may choose to pair your lunch with an Elderflower and Pomegranate Cordial, their Ginger and Lemongrass Cordial, a raw juice, kombucha or a VerGin cocktail. 

For updates and stunning photography, follow Pajamas and Jam Eatery on Instagram.

Where: 32 van Zyl Street, Strand

Contact: | 021 854 6408
Facebook: pjameatery
Instagram: pajamasandjameatery

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