Earth Warrior®


Reduce your plastic use in Cape TownLaunched in 2017, Earth Warrior® was founded out of a love for wellness, the outdoors and respect for Mother Nature. Their yoga products, which include mats and yoga blocks are made from cork – a renewable, easily recycled and sustainable resource.  They also stock cotton yoga straps as well as shampoo bars, deodorant bars and a variety of package-free and/or reusable products.

The fact that their products are cork make them non-slip, anti-microbial (resistance to mold mildew and bacteria), anti-fungal, water resistant and they repeal dust – perfect for allergy sufferers.

As a result of their view that human wellness should not come at the expense of environmental wellness, their products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and are made from natural materials. They aim to reduce the use of single-use plastics and to eliminate PVC from the planet one yoga mat at a time.

Where: Online | Based in Johannesburg

Contact: 083 256 1685 |
Facebook: earthwarriorsa
Instagram: earthwarriorsa


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