Review: Eco Adventure Cruise at V&A Waterfront

Eco Adventure
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It’s funny what we’ll do for an adrenaline rush. Recently I was telling some clients about my abseil down Table Mountain.  Their eyes lit up when I whispered, “I nearly died I was so scared” and they couldn’t book themselves in fast enough. Rather naively, I’d bought the  ‘Eco Adventure Cruise’ advertising thinking that perhaps jet engines were much less damaging to the environment than the ‘normal’ ones.

But no – it seems the ‘Eco’ label was there because we might see whales and dolphins and penguins and seals and sharks.  Did we?  Nope.  As optimistic passengers we spent a lot of time pointing at vaguely whale-shaped bits of kelp.  And Richard our driver took us to look at a big rock where quite often seals can be seen… but not today.

If the jet boat is an eco adventure cruise then Michael Schumacher is an envoy for action on climate change.  But is it a fun ride?  Undoubtedly.  The adrenaline junkies amongst my fellow passengers whooped with glee whenever the boat crested a wave and zoomed off into the air, slamming down with a vertebrae-shattering crunch on the next wave.  Trying to take photos was like trying to pour a cup of tea on the back of a bucking bronco. My friend Dominic was thrilled to report that he was nearly sick.

I was happy to have gone out on one of the quieter days.  Once I’d stopped scanning the waters waiting for an eco-encounter, I remembered to look up.  And that, for me, was the highlight – the sheer beauty of the bays of Clifton and Camps Bay from the water, the majesty of those extraordinary mountainsides rearing up from the ocean, shaming into insignificance the little clusters of houses at the bottom. It was another beautiful day in Cape Town.

On the way back we slalomed across the wake of a trawler heading out to sea. Now that was a kick.

Daisy Ions

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