Eco-friendly Initiatives in Cape Town


With the effects of global warming on the rise and the ever-growing build-up of non-biodegradable waste, it is increasingly imperative that we each try our best to make more environmentally conscious choices. To help us reduce our carbon footprint, Benn van der Westhuizen has put together a list of a few local eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives that offer an appealing way to give mother nature a helping hand.

eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives in cape town


Launched in the summer of 2017, Nude Foods became Cape Town’s very first plastic-free grocery store, kicking off the plastic-free revolution. Nude Foods gives Capetonians an alternative way to shop – a route to filling your pantry with high-quality, sustainable, delicious foods and products, without filling your bin with wasteful packaging. Spreading the important agenda of being eco-conscious, this bulk wholefoods store is underpinned by the principles of zero waste, running its business according to the ethos of refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot (compost).

Dealing in health foods and earth-friendly products – all non-GMO, plastic-free and sold by weight – customers are encouraged to bring their own containers from home, or they are able to purchase glass jars, bottles and reusable mesh and cotton bags for those who don’t have containers (free brown paper bags are also on offer). Offered on tap are wild flower local honey, tahini, olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, fire tonic, spirit vinegar, macadamia oil, and balsamic vinegar. Other items on offer are a grind-your-own nut butter machine, many superfoods, nutritional yeast, wholefoods, and home and body products (all earth-friendly, cruelty-free and non-GMO).

What’s new: Nude Foods are launching a fresh food lunchtime offering from 1 September 2018 at their Constitution Street store, which will include raw vegan pizza, organic vegetable soup, sunshine burgers (vegan and bunless), turmeric golden milk and matcha lattes.

Where to get it: 5 Constitution St, Zonnebloem | Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands (open from mid-August 2018) |

Website: | Email: | Tel: 021 437 3003

Facebook: plasticfreegrocery | Instagram:


eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives in cape town


Founded in February 2018, Retyred Designs sprung from the creative longing to make something functional, beautiful and long-lasting. The idea of using discarded tyres, which are naturally durable and non-biodegradable, to make stylish and unique ottomans not only fulfilled that need, but also allowed Retyred Designs to give back to the environment.

Tyres can take several thousand years to decompose, and by upcycling unused tyres into functional ottomans using only the best quality materials, Retyred Designs helps the eco-conscious home owner to help the environment. Founder Sharon Woollon and her team have designed 6 styles of ottomans to choose from, which includes one suitable for kids, and an option to have one custom made to suit your personal preferences.

What’s new: Retyred Designs plans soon to add handcrafted tyre tables to their collection.

Where to get it: Retyred Designs’ products are available via their online shop or pop in at the upcoming Homemaker’s Expo at CTICC (30 Aug – 2 Sep 2018)

Website: | Email:  Facebook: retyreddesigns


Photoganic 3


Specialist design brand and GOTS certified Organic Fabric Trader, PhotoGanic Sustainable Fabric and Design offers the conscious consumer a carefully selected collection of sustainable fabrics in a stylish range of naturally functional creations. In collaboration with local designers, craftsmen, and fair trade manufacturers, PhotoGanic ensures that it only uses the finest hand-picked certified organic fabrics together with sophisticated environmentally sound, UV-based printing techniques, utilising solvent-free inks and dyes, to create its ever-evolving, stylishly sustainable range.

Organic fabric is sown, grown, harvested, and processed through carefully implemented and monitored phases, utilising crop rotation and beneficial insect predators to prevent and control disease, weed and pest problems in the growing stages, as well as safe corn-starches and peroxides in the processing phase. The eco-friendly and sustainable fabric, coupled with PhotoGanic’s keen eye for design in almost all arenas, also allows the company to expand its offerings to include the coordination and facilitation of digital printing and production runs for other designers who are wanting to use sustainable fabrics and fair trade manufacturers.

What’s new: The latest addition to the PhotoGanic brand is the Cork Textile, which also includes vegan leather. Sourced from Portugal, Cork Textile is ideal for everything from decor and upholstery to fashion couture and accessories.

Where to get it: Photoganic products are only available via its online shop.

Website: | Email:

Facebook: photoganic | Instagram: vr_photoganic | Twitter: photoganic


eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives in cape town


Inspired by Pamm Legg’s adventures of DJ-ing at local and international festivals over the past 14 years, as well as her fondness for everything and anything sparkly, Mirror Moon was born out of the need to combat the growing problem of micro-plastics. Recognising just how popular glitter is, but just how unaware people are of its disastrous effects on the environment, Mirror Moon established an eco-friendly alternative, so that party-goers, pageant moms and glitter-lovers can continue to sparkle, guilt-free.

Mirror Moon’s glitter is 100% biodegradable, and is made from plant cellulose manufactured from sustainable and non-GMO farmed eucalyptus trees. It is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, ocean-friendly and non-toxic – a revolutionary product that “takes the litter out of glitter”.

Where to get it: You can find Mirror Moon Eco-Glitter at local stockists Birds of a Feather (Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay) and Portobello Road (Kenilworth), or online at Faithful to Nature.

Website: | Email:

Facebook: mirrormoonecoglitter | Instagram: mirrormoon_ecoglitter


eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives in cape town


Behind Spiritgirl are two-fun loving South African girls with a sense of adventure and an eco-awareness for the world they love to play in. Combining their passion for design with their love for an active lifestyle, Spiritgirl creates eco-friendly, custom-designed yoga pants and tops for like-minded spirit sisters. Aiming to help others to express themselves and to shine brightly in the world, the designs are inspired by their respect for nature and spirituality – with lots of bright, colourful and fun prints that remind the wearer to not take themselves too seriously but to get out there and enjoy life.

Spiritgirl’s Earth-loving activewear is made from recycled plastic bottles (recycled PET) woven with spandex and custom-printed with signature designs, making them not only eco-friendly, but also practical.  The special COOLMAX® performance fabric keeps the wearer cool and dry, and thanks to 50% UV protection, the bold graphics won’t fade or run. The four-way stretch fabric allows complete freedom of movement, making Spirtgirl’s clothing ideal for the active lifestyle, whether it be in the street, studio or in the surf.

Where to get it: Spiritgirl’s eco-friendly activewear can be bought via their online store.

Website: | Email:

Facebook: SpiritgirlSA | Instagram: spiritgirl_activewear


eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle initiatives in cape town

It’s estimated that 3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded each year, with as many as 80% of these ending up in the sea, where they can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Founded in November 2017, Simply Bamboo is getting its teeth into this problem, one household at a time. Its bamboo toothbrushes have a naturally antibacterial, water-resistant, 100% biodegradable, and ergonomic design which provides a simple and sustainable alternative to conventional toothbrushes.

Dental care is only the beginning for Simply Bamboo, which plans to expand to providing eco-friendly and affordable alternatives to as many everyday products as they can until we are all doing our bit to help the environment.

What’s new:  Look out for the new 100% natural and compostable scrub pads made from Coconut fibre – perfect for cleaning multiple surfaces (such as counters, pots and pans) without scratching them, and a nifty alternative to a loofah for personal grooming.

Where to get it: Simply Bamboo products are available via a range of outlets across South Africa including their online store and Faithful to Nature, as well as a few physical local retailers such as Nude Foods and Shop Zero.

Website: | Email:

Facebook: simplybambooza | Instagram: @simplybambooza 



  • The Urban Farmer is Kenilworth’s best kept secret. The conscious ‘naked’ grocer stocks fresh veggies, Gay’s Dairy products, and a variety of ethically sourced legumes. But don’t leave without treating yourself to their unique twist on the ‘Snickers bar’ with raw, vegan-friendly ingredients.
  • The Wren Design, launched in 2008, is renowned for their quirky range of laptop sling bags, backpacks and accesories, made from re-purposed grain, coffee and cement sacks.

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