Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


Cape Town is a hub of creativity and innovation, with so much vibrancy and variety for us to absorb. And what better way to appreciate the stories of our city than through a local lens. We’ve put together a list of art and cultural experiences, run by proudly local entrepreneurs, that are bringing art back to life in the mothercity. 

Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


The intention of Juma’s Art Tours is to connect the people of Cape Town with local art and cultural experiences. Staying true to an aim of inspiring positivity and sustainability through exposing audiences to art from all over Cape Town, Juma Art Tours sparks new insights and spreads awareness of the stories and voices of local artists. This opens up a multitude of opportunities for local art to be acknowledged and celebrated while cultivating a dialogue of acceptance that aids in the merging of ideas and communities.

Juma’s Art Tours is now offering virtual street art tours of Woodstock to anyone across the world who has access to a smart device. Juma Mkwela himself guides you through the meanings of and the stories behind the vibrant visuals, while you view from home – the perfect combination of culture and comfort. 

Venue: Woodstock (virtually via Google Meet) | Time: 10am to 1pm | 2pm to 5pm (weather permitting) | Cost: R150 to R350 | View booking options

Website: www.capetownstreetarttours.co.za | Email: juma.mkwela@gmail.com
Facebook: @jumaarttours | Instagram: @jumaarttours 

Explore Local: Bringing Art to LifeKHALTSHA CYCLES

Khaltsha Cycles is a passion project established by Sindile Mavundla, Juma Mkwela (of Juma’s Art Tours) and Divinia Stevens. Khaltsha Cycles is a bicycle shop situated in Woodstock that does far more than sell good-quality and cost-effective bicycles and equipment. At the heart of the business is the goal of enriching communities through cultivating a culture of cycling in townships. In doing so, Khaltsha Cycles promotes healthy and long-term development in communities through their community engaging bicycle programmes.

Programmes arranged and offered by Khaltsha include; Learn2Cycle which teaches first-timer riders how to ride a bike; Bike2School – a school-based initiative in which students are encouraged to use cycling to commute to and from school; and Safe Cycling – a monthly ride in partnership with Pedal Power Association and other community-based cycling clubs to nurture safe cycling. These programmes exist to advocate healthy change and bring communities together.

Khaltsha Cycles also runs the Social Cycling Club, an inclusive cycling group that gathers twice a month, with free membership. The intention of this social project is to form a supportive cycling community in which everyone can feel included and connected to an ever-spreading network of cyclists, creating a real sense of belonging while enjoying the freedom of cycling through the eternally beautiful routes of Cape Town. Rides are led by experienced cyclists who can provide riders with training if needed. Visit the website and sign up for the upcoming rides to experience Cape Town in a new and engaging way that opens you up socially and gets your fitness in gear.

Website: www.khaltshacycles.co.za | Email: sindile@khaltshacycles.co.za
Facebook: @KhaltshaCycles | Instagram: @khaltshacycles 

Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


Tea with E is hosted by the multi-talented creative, Ernestine Deane. Her passions span from singing, songwriting, acting, writing, producing, and filmmaking to being an artist, poet and ritual creator. Every week Ernestine live-streams straight from her couch, soothing her viewers with heartfelt and vivid stories, exploring a place of discovery and peace. Her live-streams also include interviewing and showcasing other creatives as special guests, with whom she celebrates art and life through songs, storytelling and inspirational conversation to uplift the spirits and provide hope during this difficult time.

Ernestine is one of many artists now earning a living via an account with Patreon. Patreon offers different levels of monthly patronage, in exchange for which you receive access to content from the artist you are supporting. This is a great way to show your support for the arts in a way that offers creatives continuity in their work and security in their livelihood while in exchange for gaining a cultural experience from the comfort of your home.

Website: www.ernestinedeane.com | Email: dub4mama@gmail.com
Facebook: @Ernestine Deane | Instagram: @ernestine_deane | Twitter: @ErnestineDeane

Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


AWOL Tours is offering educational hiking and cycling outings for kids aged 8 and up throughout August. Keep your children entertained with enriching cycles and nature walks – while you work in peace knowing they are being educated and active in the fresh air. All tour guides are qualified and experienced in guiding children on hiking and cycling tours. Book in advance is essential as there is limited capacity on each experience. 

AWOL’s cycling tour is an engaging and informative introduction to the complex historical landscape of Cape Town, starting at the V&A Waterfront Clock Tower, and heading through Cape Town Stadium, Greenpoint Eco Park before ending at Sea Point Promenade. A mountain biking skills clinic is also available from Constantia Uitsig with varying routes from the Bike Park, lower Tokai forest or upper Tokai and Silvermine, and from the missing link trail in Camps Bay to the B-spot Bloemdal in Durbanville. Children cycle in groups of four, led by an experienced mountain biking guide, with children divided into groups reflecting their respective skills and fitness levels. Bicycles are sanitized and wiped down after each experience. Rates include bicycle, helmet, water and snacks.

For all ages, AWOL Tours offers nature walks and hiking outings that depart from Silvermine EastA nature guide leads groups of just 4 children at a time. Guides assess each child’s interests and fitness levels to ensure they feel comfortable and capable with the group they are placed in. Treasure hunts and games are designed for younger groups, and for older groups routes include waterfalls and exploring the Boomslang caves.

Venue: Cycling in Greenpoint/Sea Point | Mountain Biking in Tokai, Silvermine, Camps Bay, Durbanville | Nature walks in Silvermine East
Time: 10am to 1pm | 2pm to 5pm (weather permitting) | Cost: R250 per 3 hour session | R1000 per child for 5 weekly sessions | R100 per child for transport if needed

Website: www.awoltours.co.za | Email: info@awoltours.co.za
Facebook: @awoltours | Instagram: @awoltours | Twitter: @AWOLTours

Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


Apart from being the oldest independent Art-Repertory Cinema in South Africa, the Labia Theatre is a cultural institution of Cape Town. Many a Capetonian has fond memories stepping back in time in the Labia’s distinctive lobby before sinking into the comfortable red plush chairs with a slice of homemade cake and a slush puppy. Then there’s the outside terrace, tucked away from the outside world, where you can discuss the brilliantly curated line-up of films or just enjoy the easy breeze.

And now you can experience part of this magic again with The Labia Home Screen, a pay-per-view streaming service which allows you to view content straight from your home. Fans simply create an account, select and pay for a movie, and then have up to 9 hours to view it. You can also purchase a voucher on Webtickets, which makes a great gift for a friend or family member. Staying true to form, The Labia is offering an affordable ticket price of only R60 and showcasing only the best in foreign language, art, award-winning documentaries and independent films. Bring The Labia into your home and support this one-of-a-kind establishment to ensure we can all attend together soon!

Cost: R60

Website: www.thelabia.co.za | Facebook: @LabiaTheatre
Instagram: @thelabia | Twitter: @LabiaTheatre

Explore Local: Bringing Art to Life


Coffeebeans Routes is not only a creative and cultural touring company, its guides are storytellers for art and cultural tourism within South African cities. An inspirational and multifaceted hub of creativity, it exposes and educates audiences to art and culture through a lightly political lens of understanding. Its main objective is to introduce locals and tourists to the people and stories that make many cities in South Africa what they are. Coffeebeans Routes also brings people into connection with the manner in which art, culture and communities help define the cultural history of South Africa and how it shapes us presently.

Although tours in the conventional sense may not currently resume for a while, Coffeebeans Routes is in the process of curating an exciting online portfolio, ‘Traveling Without Moving’, showcasing a range of feature concerts, conversations with special guests, cooking workshops and much more from the creatives of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kigali and Nairobi. This is sure to be an uplifting and immersive experience that you don’t want to miss out on. Keep your eye on their website and social media for more information.

Website: www.coffeebeansroutes.com Email: info@coffeebeansroutes.com
Instagram: @coffeebeansroutes | Twitter: @coffeebeansroutFacebook: @coffeebeansroutes

Compiled by Alexandra van Nieuwenhuizen


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