Fairtrade Africa


Fairtrade Africa

Fairtrade Africa sets a high standard in ethical trading and sustainable business, that fully supports the role of workers and farmers who represent the heart and soul of local brands.

These heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes are given a fair platform to forge new legacies and support their way of life. The vision is simple and effective in spearheading long-lasting and fruitful ties between business owners, the staff and inspiring people to follow their dreams.


Fairtrade certified – transforming the field of business

Fairtrade Africa is a worldwide movement that upholds longer-term trading and develops socio-economic growth for local communities and conforms to the ethos of sustainable business.

Farming businesses, producers and the workforce band together in forging ethical, and dignified working environments that celebrate each and everyone’s role.

Fairtrade Africa empowers community development through social projects – alleviating social issues such as poverty and job loss while creating support structures for adults and children.

It’s about investing in the dreams of the people and enriching the livelihoods, and families in any way, shape, or form. Local wineries, wine farms and various agricultural producers have joined the global movement and stamping their products with the Fairtrade mark – which celebrates everything local, from the production process to people behind the label.

Each partner of Fairtrade offers a fair price to employees and protects them from unstable markets, bringing both economic and humanitarian values together to form a vision of inclusivity.


From producer to consumer with the Fairtrade certified mark

The FAIRTRADE Mark is easy to spot on various products such as wine and agricultural goods in stores, cafés and supermarkets.

People can shop in a more sustainable manner and buy products that is fully dedicated to help fund community projects and in-house business development.

Whether you’re shopping for a quality wine or restocking the pantry with groceries – keep a lookout for Fairtrade and their stamp. The range of products and goods represents something more than just the label and celebrates everything local, genuine and driving forward the need for positive social impact.

Fairtrade promotes sustainable agricultural practices across Africa, and closer to home we as consumers can support a cause that benefits local communities.


Building a foundation of dreams

Fairtrade partners are giving more back to farming communities by funding projects and campaigns that support socio-economic growth.

Local farms and producers continue to develop stronger ties between the workplace, household and community, by providing staff with essential services. These range from education, healthcare, transport and skill development.

Wine farms have continued to grow with the community, strengthening the need for social upliftment and paying attention specific needs of families.


Transforming the way we do business

The initiative is changing the way we view a product and really gets to the origin story of where a product comes from, and what impact it has in benefiting society.

The agricultural sector is changing on an ethical scale by looking after the people involved in the production process. Business owners who partner with Fairtrade offer a fair price to workers and farmers, which also forms a framework dedicated to boosting skill development and community upliftment.

It’s about supporting people in a viable way that gets to the root of their needs and delivering social change. Their livelihoods are sustained through each and every effort made by brands who want to make a difference.

Consumers can join the cause by supporting these local businesses and buying products with the FAIRTRADE mark.

Fairtrade Africa provides a fair chance for all to prosper, make a change in their place of work and in the home -reshaping conventional trade practices and creating a new legacy for business owners and staff.



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