Dry Living: Cape Town’s Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Whether you are sober or wanting to limit your alcohol for physical or mental health reasons, the festive season can be a tricky time. Here is our list of local companies supporting South Africans in dry living. Whether you’re looking for non-alcoholic wine, craft sodas, a non-alcoholic pairing option, virgin gin, kombucha or cider, we’ve got you covered.

Sober and Festive


Loxtonia offers South Africans a range of eight ciders, all made with hand-picked apples from their family apple farm in the Ceres Valley. Their aim is to produce New World ciders, which use only the purest ingredients.

They complement this with their whole production process being run off solar energy as well as their “orchard to bottle” philosophy, which ensures a premium, natural cider, containing no preservatives or artificial additives. Loxtonia cider is also gluten and vegan friendly.

Their non-alcoholic cider, Easy Apple, contains only 58 calories and has an apple-forward taste and a smooth dry Granny Smith finish. It never weighs you down, making it the perfect drink of choice for the festive season. Enjoy chilled, straight from the fridge or pour over ice and garnish with a slice of apple.

Loxtonia also offers tasting experiences, cellar tours and pre-arranged picnics.

Where: Ezelfontein Rd, Ceres | Online | Your nearest Spar Tops, Pick ‘n Pay Family store or Liquor City.

Contact: ali@loxtonia.co.za | 023 004 0930 | Website: loxtonia.co.za
Facebook: loxtoniacider | Instagram: loxtonia_cider


The story of Creation Wines is as old as the hills – dating back to when Mother Nature created South Africa’s beautiful Hemel-en-Aarde and bestowed upon it exceptional winegrowing conditions. At the same time, their story is as young as the vibrant team who since 2002 has been investing their talents to create a wine range of great distinction.

Whilst many groups visit Creation Wines to taste their exceptional wines, in spirit of innovation and inclusivity, Creation now offers luxury tea and cordial pairings as two non-alcoholic options. These pairings are ideal for young adults, designated drivers, expectant moms and those who abstain for religious reasons. Simply choose the number of teas you would like to taste and enjoy!

Whether you are staying in Hemel-en-Aarde region this festive season, or are looking for an adventurous way to spend a day with family, Creation Wines offers a space where no one feels excluded from the festivities.

Where: Hemel & Aarde Rd R320, Hermanus

Contact: info@creationwines.com | 028 212 1107 | Website: creationwines/tasting-room
Facebook: creationwines | Instagram: creationwines

Sober and Festive


Cape Cola is made with almost all-natural flavours extracted from botanicals and does not contain added sugar. Its main ingredient is the Kola Nut, but also finds flavour in limes, honeybush, ginger and mate.

Sustainability and giving back is important to the Cape Cola team. Therefore, Cape Cola aims to create and inspire change through ensuring that their take on the popular soft drink is ethically produced and made from natural, locally sourced ingredients. Cape Cola works with family-run businesses in the Western Cape and local farmers who are actively creating employment opportunities. They also cola-borate with other small batch producers to share sales and distribution channels.

Cape Cola is stocked at various restaurants and stores across Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Worcester.

If you’re looking to support a local, ethical company, drink Cape Cola this festive season.

Where: The Fair Taste

Contact: hello@cape-cola.com | 078 477 7350 | Website: cape-cola.com
Facebook: capecola | Instagram: capecola


Finding its roots in Franschhoek, Leopard’s Leap’s renowned wine accompanies celebrations in more than 40 countries globally.

Whether you do not drink or are looking to limit your alcohol consumption this festive season, the Leopard’s Leap Natura range gives a delightful alternative to alcoholic wine, created for adding quality of life during times of celebration. Versatile, health-conscious and delicious, Natura is ideal for a responsible, quality lifestyle.

Natura Classic Red offers notes of red berries and sweet spice intrigue and follows through for a smooth mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Delightful on its own and an outstanding partner on the dinner table. Made from Chenin Blanc and Muscat grapes, Natura Classic White is crisp and refreshing. It has tropical fruit flavours and an integrated palate. Both Natura Classic Red and Classic White are low in calories and vegan friendly.

For more information on Leopard’s Leap stories, their experiences and to purchase their Natura wine online, visit their website.

Where: R45, Main Rd, Franschhoek

Contact: info@leopardsleap.co.za | 021 876 8002 | Website: leopardsleap.co.za
Facebook: LeopardsLeapWine | Instagram:LeopardsLeap


Brew Kombucha comes in three flavours: Original Rooibos, Buchu Babe and African Rose and is the only certified organic kombucha in South Africa. It has no added preservatives and bubbles with antioxidants, indigenous medicinal and natural probiotics.

Brew Kombucha offers free tastings at their brewery and invites you to buy your favourite flavour or a mixture of them in boxes of 4 or a case of 12. If you’re not visiting their brewery and you’re stocking up with a case of 24 bottles or more, take advantage of their free delivery!

Through their products, Brew Kombucha is pioneering a new way of thinking around convenience and health. Their kombucha is for people who care about keeping healthy and looking after nature while doing so. Therefore, they ensure a sustainable production process in various ways, including getting as close to entirely eliminating plastic as possible.

For more information and to stock up, visit their website, social media or tasting room and shop

Where: Studio 1, Montebello, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands | Various stockists | Online

Contact: hello@brewkombucha.co.za | 076 235 3774 | Website: brewkombucha.co.za
Facebook: brewkombucha | Instagram: brewkombucha


Theonista is an award-winning, local, female-fuelled craft beverage company, supplying South Africans with truly healthy raw and natural kombucha as well as craft sodas, since 2013.

Theonista produces craft Ginger Beer, 12+ flavours of Kombucha, liquid concentrated chai as well as sugar-free Ginger Beer and Cream Soda. Each Theonista batch is microbrewed, using premium organic teas as well as pure fruit, root and botanical extracts, and bottled by hand in Woodstock.

Their Ginger Beer Original is a deliciously healthy, 100% natural twist on a classic. It is infused with organic rooibos, only includes fresh, whole ingredients and contains 40% less sugar than mainstream commercial brands. Their small-batch sugar-free Ginger Beer and sugar-free Cream Soda finds sweetness in only xylitol and stevia. Whilst their Ginger Beer is infused with organic rooibos, their Cream Soda is made with prebiotic-rich organic baobab and green rooibos.

To choose the healthy option and support local this festive season, visit the Theonista website.

Where: Faithful to Nature, Wellness Warehouse, Sea Point Spar, Giovanni’s in Sea Point.

Contact: info@theonista.co.za | 066 411 2080 | Website: theonista.co.za
Facebook: theonistaproducts | Instagram: theonista

Dry Living in 2020


VerGin was South Africa’s first distilled, non-alcoholic, organic botanical spirits launched in 2018. Made from real Juniper and organic botanicals it looks like a gin, is served like a gin and makes a perfect G&T, without any additives, artificial sweeteners or colourants. It is 0% sugar and 0% alcohol.

Their range includes Bloom, a gin with a beautiful rose geranium profile and floral notes, and Limon, a gin with lemon and lime notes, balanced with juniper and gentle cardamom spice undertones.

VerGin also creates ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktails. Their Bloom Cranberry Lavender Cosmo provides an aromatic twist on the classic Cosmo. And if you’re looking for a classic minty Mojito taste without the hangover, try their Limon Mojito. No sugar or sweeteners have been added and both are preservative-free.

Where: Vermont, Western Cape | Online

Contact: sales@verginsa.co.za | 079 276 2479 | Website: verginsa.co.za
Facebook: vermontverginsa | Instagram: vergin_sa

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