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It’s so easy to live life in our comfort zones, not expanding our social circles or minds. However, Cape Town offers endless events, classes, retreats and courses, which encourage us to branch out and develop ourselves. 

Having recently joined a new class – an exciting and uneasy step out of my comfort zone, I encourage you to see what our city has to offer and get out there too! Whether you are looking to discover greater embodiment through dance, connect more deeply with yourself, find connection with other like-minded people or work on developing a skill, this list has got you covered! 

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


Secret Sunrise is a global silent guided dance and meditation community. They are on a mission to celebrate life and change the world through music, movement and connection. The unique concept was born under African skies and has spread throughout South Africa and rippled out to the rest of the world. The ever-growing community can be found in over 16 cities across the world. 

Using headphone technology, headsets are handed to you on arrival. The Secret Sunrise accredited facilitators guide you through a series of music of all genres. The public sessions encompass a variety of mindful practices, including meditation, breathwork, movement and dance.

Secret Sunrise has six upcoming events, each with a different theme. The first one is a Halloween edition, taking place at The Castle of Good Hope on 31 October. They then have ‘Movember Man Dance’ taking place at De Waal Park on 2 November and a magical event on The Mirage Yacht on 30 November. On 2 December they will be on St. James Beach and on 14 December, at YMO Football club. Their final 2019 event is a sunset dance on Camps Bay Beach on 20 December. 

Secret Sunrise welcomes all bodies, ages and fitness levels, backgrounds and creeds. Their aim is to be fully accessible. For more information or to book, visit their website.

Where: Various location across Cape Town

Contact:  | Website:
Facebook: secretsunrisecapetown | Instagramsecretsunrisecpt

Find Yourself | Find Your Tribe


Journey through Dance is an experience of body, mind, heart and soul coming together in conscious movement and creative expression. It is an opportunity to “come home to yourself”. When we listen to our bodies and surrender into deep trust, we have the opportunity to connect with our spirit, our inner-child and our true essence. Intuitive or spontaneous movement is the true nature of who you are.

During classes, you can expect to let go of negative emotions, stagnant energy, pain, anger, stress, anxiety, fear and/or trauma. After releases, many students experience newfound freedom, increased vitality, shifts in consciousness, joy, clarity, healing and transformation. 

There are two different forms of conscious movement practices offered – Journey through Dance and Innerdance. Both have common threads, however, are different. You can read more about these on their website.

The founder of Journey Through Dance, Leigh Goodman, has been offering Innerdance classes since 2017 and Journey through Dance classes since 2009. Leigh’s focus for the last two years has been on Innerdance, which she discovered whilst travelling through the Philippines. The process brings people into profound states, which can be described as “dreaming awake”. The shifts which happen also affect the nervous system profoundly; making it a powerful process for anyone suffering from anxiety.

For information regarding Leigh’s classes, private sessions as well as her nationwide teacher training, visit her website. 

Where: Mount Rhodes Drive, Hout Bay

Contact: |  072 183 2218 | Website:
Facebook: journeythroughdanceYoutube: Awaken With Leigh

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


The Yoga Room is a place to come just as you are. At her studio, Elsa and her team offer you accessible, authentic and inclusive yoga, whether you are an experienced yogi or starting at the very beginning. 

On 3 November, The Yoga Room is excited to host Swedish teacher and author Ulrica Norberg for the workshop, ‘Empower Yourself: the ability to inspire oneself by releasing what is limiting us.’ She is a renowned yoga teacher in Sweden and throughout Europe as well as the author of more than a dozen books on Health, Yin and Restorative Yoga and Meditation. The event starts with a talk on how we can best restore and strengthen our energies from within. Participants will then flow through sequences that aim to work on increasing mobility and stability in the spine, in the breath and in the mind. 

The Yoga Room is also offering a restorative chakra tuning workshop on 30 November. Join Kirsti Mackenzie and Joanne Gonzalves for a deeply releasing session of restorative yoga, essential oil adjustments accompanied with the healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls to reset and revitalise yourself.

To book a spot in one of these events, or explore more about The Yoga Room’s approach to yoga, get in contact with Elsa. These events can be found on The Yoga Room’s Facebook page. 

Where: 23 Derry Street, Vredehoek

Contact: | 072 559 4165 | Website:
Facebook: theyogaroomcptInstagram: theyogaroom_cpt

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


Awake Human Being (AHB) offers classes and events, both in the real world and on online platforms which enable a deep exploration into the great mystery that is our being. Awake Human Being aims to integrate all aspects of our human nature, through practices of conscious dance (Dance Awake), breathing, mindfulness, meditation, service, and movement.

Brian Bergman, the founder of Awake Human Being, has been practicing yoga, meditation and mindfulness for 19 years and has been practicing conscious dance for the last 10. He is a veterinarian, a qualified Dancing Freedom facilitator, and holds a postgraduate diploma in Yogic Studies, from the Bihar Yoga Bharati, in India.

Every Thursday evening, Brian hosts Dance Awake at the Claremont Civic Centre. This conscious dance event encourages transformation and the cultivation of awareness of all dimensions of the human experience. It is a lifestyle practice that helps us to integrate all aspects of the personality – mind, body, emotion, and spirit. 

From 9 to 13 April 2020, Awake Human Being is hosting a 5-day movement meditation and mindfulness silent retreat in the mountains near Stanford. It offers music, conscious dance, movement, listening, direct perception, deep presence, relaxation, mindfulness, yoga, nature and meditation. 

For more information on Awake Human Being, their offerings and their free online practices, visit their website. 

Where: Various locations including Claremont Civic Centre

Contact: | 072 358 8454 | Website:
Facebook: awakehumanbeingInstagram: awakehumanbeing

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


Hello Happiest is a lifestyle initiative all about filling your life with the things that you love.

Hello Happiest started with the essence of “focus on what makes you feel good.” It is a wellness hub that aims to shift individuals from the mindset of, “when I get over there, I’ll be happy…”  to “get happy, and I’ll get over there! Let happiness be the main focus, it will lead to more and more”. Founder, Christi, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and recent Advanced Trained Yoga Teacher, creates wellness experiences that combine the elements that bring her the most joy – yoga and a healthy balanced lifestyle. She aims to ignite the same bliss which she feels into the lives of others, through her events and retreats hosted throughout the year.
From 1 to 3 Nov, Hello Happiest is hosting their November Wellness Sanctuary, a weekend of wellness, salty sea breeze, conscious cuisine, luxuriously serene accommodation, mindful yoga, sound journeying and an opportunity to reboot.
Hello Happiest’s signature Cacao Sanctuary is taking place from 9 to 10 Nov, offering an unforgettable retreat in Llandudno, while immersing in the healing, practical and of course, delicious properties of this ancient superfood. Expect the next one 14 Feb 2020.

For upcoming dates, more information on how you can say Hello to your Happiest and make happy, yet healthy, living a sustainable part of your life, visit their website.

Where: 26 Sunset Ave, Llandudno

Contact: christi@hellohappiest.comWebsite:
Facebook: hellohappiestInstagram: hello_happiest

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


Established in 2000, FireTribe is a professional Flow Arts Performance Group which specialises in Fire and LED shows. If you would like to learn a new skill and form of self-expression, whilst meeting like-minded individuals, their Flow Arts classes may be a good place to start. 

FireTribe teachers Poi, a Flow Art that involves spinning tethered weights (usually two) around the body in a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. They offer monthly trial classes for those wanting to give poi a spin before signing up for regular classes. These ‘Petit Poi’ classes are a fun exploration of the possibilities of poi. FireTribe also offers Beginner Poi, Intermediate Poi and Advanced Poi classes. 

FireTribe does a variety of fire, LED and daytime performances across Cape Town. Since introducing fire dancing to Cape Town’s iconic beaches, FireTribe has performed hundreds of choreographed shows across the country. Every month during summer, FireTribe hosts a Clifton Fire Jam which is a community gathering for the fire dancers of Cape Town. Anyone is welcome to take part and LED toys and acoustic instruments are very welcome. The dates of these community events are decided upon a week or two beforehand and can be found on the FireTribe Facebook page. 

Where: Various locations across the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town

Contact: | 061 317 3280 | Website:
Facebook: FireTribeFTInstagram: @firetribe

Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


The School of Intuition & Healing in Cape Town is a branch of the School founded by Sue Allen in London. They provide ongoing classes, certified professional courses and one-day workshops on various topics, including healing, energy management, spiritual awareness and medical intuition. 

If you are looking to meet like-minded people whilst gaining valuable skills, The School of Intuition & Healing are running an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Course: Tapping Into Wellbeing. EFT is a life-skill that can serve as daily therapy for effectively replacing challenging emotions and recurring mental patterns, with a sense of safety and wellbeing. The course takes place in Wynberg on four consecutive Wednesday evenings, beginning on 6 November. 

Another one of The School of Intuition & Healing’s events is their Energy Management Workshop with Valerie Aronson. The workshop covers the important aspects of energy management, with particular emphasis on protection and grounding. Using practical exercises, visualisation and meditation, participants will learn how to clear and protect their chakras and aura. The workshop takes place on Saturday, 23 November in Bantry Bay. 

The School of Intuition & Healing also has upcoming courses in psychic development and animal communication. For more information on these courses, visit their website. 

Where: 39 Rosmead Ave, Wynberg, Cape Town

Contact: | 082 432 7877 Website:
Facebook: schoolofintuitionandhealing

 Find Your Tribe | Find Yourself


The Source Studio in Constantia is a space of transformation, offering yoga and Pilates, teacher training, as well as various life-enhancing events. 

Every third Sunday of the month, The Source hosts the Vegan Goods Market. From 10am to 3pm you can indulge in delicious vegan treats, with friends, family, four-legged family members and like-minded folks. Bring along your own reusable containers, bottle, cutlery and bags to save from using any plastic.

Mindful Mondays take place every week from 7.30pm to 9.15pm, and is by donation. It is an evening gathering of guided discussions/dialogue for transformation and mindfulness. Themes include compassion, self-love, acceptance, self-discovery, and more. 

From 21 to 23 February 2020, The Source is hosting its seventh Conscious Movement Conference, welcoming Anula Maiberg from the United States as the keynote presenter. This event is about expanding your knowledge, exploring other movements and concepts, networking, growing and stepping out of your comfort zone. Open to Yogis, Pilates practitioners, and any movement enthusiasts! 

Renee Watson, co-owner of The Source, also regularly runs Wellness Retreats in Malawi. Join her from 11 to 15 March 2020 on Mumbo Island for Yoga, Pilates, meditation, detox, and massage.

For more information on these events, as well as the Yoga and Pilates teacher training, visit their website.

Where: 11 Townsend Ave, Constantia

Contact: | 021 794 2640 | Website:
Facebook: thesourcecapetownInstagram: reneepilates

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