Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


October marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a time for us to be mindful and focus on what makes us tick. You may be drawn to creatively expressing yourself, meditation or finding stillness and pampering whilst on a retreat. Or maybe you would like to discover mindfulness through intuitive movement or yoga. Regardless of how you invest in your mental health and wellness, we trust you’ll find something on this list that inspires mindfulness and encourages your ommm. 

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Makona founder, Lara Pfleiderer invites you to spend a magical, unforgettable weekend in a peaceful and inspiring environment within the beauty of nature. Makona’s exclusive Sempurna Retreat runs from 5 to 8 December 2019 and is situated on Sempurna Estate, a luxurious 500-hectare fruit and wine farm in the Riviersonderend mountains.

Yoga classes take place twice daily and include a combination of vinyasa and yin yoga as well as meditation in the farm’s natural surroundings. They are guided by yoga instructors, Joëlle Sleebos from the Netherlands and Katinka Krabiell, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher from Germany.

During the retreat, Lara offers two natural beauty workshops which focus on the topics of inner and outer beauty, natural skincare routines, natural makeup and skin food. This knowledge is complemented by the delicious meals served by renowned chef, Arabella Parkinson.

Since Makona aims to create an inspiring holistic concept through combining yoga, nutrition, natural beauty and wellness, the Sempurna retreat also includes a visit to Babylonstoren and a 60-minute massage at the Babylonstoren spa.

The Sempurna retreat only has 14 spaces available. You are most welcome regardless of your experience in yoga.

If you are curious to know how you can work with Lara in order to put together your own private retreat, make contact with her via her website.

Where: Sempurna Estate, McGregor
Date: Sempurna Weekend Retreat 5 to 8 Dec 2019 | Sempurna Retreat 2 to 9 Dec 2019 | Arambrook Boutique Retreat 23 Feb to 1 Mar 2020

Contact: | 081 835 3157 | +49 173 7510329
Facebook: makonaretreat

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Cape Camino is a multi-day spiritual walk with various routes across Cape Town. You can do it by yourself or join a set date, which includes a chaperone, accommodation and more. 

Having personally had the privilege of joining a day during the September Cape Camino, I am able to share my personal account of what was a beautiful day. Our pilgrimage began on Long Beach, Noordhoek. With shoes in hand, I walked barefoot across the length of the beach along with the other pilgrims. There was a feeling of ease as we shared some moments in conversation and others in silence.

The group allowed for a feeling of safety and true tranquility as we made our way along the coast towards Scarborough. I was able to appreciate nature in a way which I believe we are meant to – with curiosity, ease and reverence. This time dedicated to slowing down still influences my thoughts two weeks later.

If you are longing for a breakaway, Cape Camino offers various ways for you to do this. You can create your own Camino, join a set date Camino or book a private package on dates which suit you. For more information, visit their website or get in contact with Peggy.

Where: Various locations across Cape Town

Contact: | 083 99 77 404
Facebook: capecamino
Instagram: capecamino

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


To retreat is to take time away from the world, away from our duties and responsibilities. To retreat is a moment in time, a moment to purify. 

This summer, Annie from Cape Town Retreats is offering you a chance to step away, pause and be mindful. Her Summer Deep Cleansing Juice Detox Retreat is designed for you to completely detoxify your body and your mind and to recharge your mental and physical health.

It offers you a chance to slow down, find nourishment and connect with your inner self, through taking all that is not essential out of your experience. This is achieved through fasting – a practice which has been used by many before us to access their deeper selves, cleanse the body and purify the mind. Therefore, the retreat menu consists of nutrient-dense freshly squeezed juices, veggie broths, freshly-pressed almond milk and superfood boosters. 

The retreat also invites you to simplify and purify in other ways: through daily meditations, relaxing in the farm’s tranquil surroundings, daily mindful yoga and daily Pilates. 

You do not have to have practiced yoga or Pilates before as Annie and her team will teach you. All you need is an open mind and to give yourself over to the process.  

Where: Guinevere Guest Farm, Portion 1 of Farm 402, Main Road, Tulbagh
Date: 16 to 22 Nov 2019 | 7 to 13 Dec 2019 | 1 to 7 Feb 2020
Cost: Private Room (1 person) R17 595 p.p. | Shared Room (2 people) R14 595 p.p. | Shared Room (3 people) R11 595 p.p.

Contact: | 084 297 5736
Facebook: capetownretreats
Instagram: capetownretreats

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


The Om Revolution provide private, group, corporate and outdoor yoga classes at any desired location. Whether it is in the comfort of your own home, the convenience of your office or at a beautiful beach down the road, they bring the balance, fitness, strength and inner peace of yoga practice to Capetonians. 

As the weather warms, The Om Revolution is once again beginning their outdoor yoga classes. These classes take place at various natural locations across Cape Town and are a wonderful way to refocus and reroot after work. Through practicing yoga in nature, you get the opportunity to find connection, replenish depleted energy, be mindful, heighten your awareness and be playful. These outdoor classes begin on Sunday, 1 December on Clifton Beach at 6.15pm. If December feels too far away, The Om Revolution is offering a pop-up yoga class on Tuesday evenings at 6pm in Mouille Point. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to inhale, exhale and ommmm with the sun on your face and the sea breeze in your hair, consider booking one of the Om Revolution’s yoga experiences. Their experiences give you the chance to see Cape Town’s natural beauty from an entirely different perspective. 

However, if life is busy and having time to doing a yoga class in nature sounds far too time-consuming, The Om Revolution also offers corporate yoga in offices around Cape Town. 

Where: Various locations around Cape Town

Contact: | 063 868 0899
Facebook: theomrevolutioncapetownyoga
Instagram: theomrevolution

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Do you have a desire to reignite your passion for life? Do you feel stuck or uninspired? Then join a wonderful art group and allow creativity into your world!

Sue Kaplan is an artist and creative art facilitator. With her belief that we all have the potential for creative expression; she offers you the opportunity to connect with your own unique voice in an inspiring and supportive space. If you are looking to find a creative refuge, art classes with Sue may be a good place to start.

Central to Sue’s teaching philosophy is the healing power of art. The most difficult situations can present the greatest opportunities for personal transformation. As Sue says, art is a connective thread: linking our personal internal networks, with the external geographic, cultural and social landscapes. During her art classes, she invites you to explore these landscapes, meditate on concepts, trust the process of letting go and find that place of peace and healing.

If you are looking for a shorter option to express yourself, Sue Kaplan is teaming up with Studio Karen and together they are presenting a weekend of creative craziness on 26 and 27 October. The workshop title is PUNK: Anarchy in the Art Room!!! and will create opportunities for participants to pursue the art of random disorder and unleash the restraints and pressures of life and turn it into order again! The working space will be filled with music from the Punk era and some wonderful wacky ART!

For more information regarding the PUNK workshop and her creativity classes, visit Sue’s website. 

Where: Montebello Design Centre, 31 Newlands Ave, Newlands

Contact: | 083 617 8585
Facebook: suescreativityclasses
Instagram: susikaplan2 | suzi_artclass

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Integral Health is a mindfulness-based approach that addresses all aspects of living a healthy, whole and fulfilling life. It is the integration of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, interpersonal and environmental functioning with the awareness that everything we do, feel, think and believe has an impact on the state of our health, the health of others, and the health of our planet.

Through her practice, Ingrid journeys alongside clients in a nurturing and empowering way to promote expanded consciousness, integration, a mindful presence and the cultivation of conscious and empathic relationships. She is a mindfulness-based, Integral Health coach, TRE® Certification Trainer and Mindfulness Teacher (MBSR and MBI’s) and Life Coach. She has qualifications in nursing, exercise and fitness, clinical nutrition, counseling, coaching, TRE® and Mindfulness-Based Interventions. 

During the months of October and November, her retreat and workshop schedule includes:

  • An evening of Mindfulness: 8 Oct or 13 Nov | 6pm to 8.30pm
  • TRE® (Stress and Tension Release) Introductory Workshop: 15 Oct or 6 Nov | 6pm to 8pm
  • Weekly TRE® Open Group Classes from 6pm to 7.30pm for anyone who has previously done TRE®
  • Full day Mindfulness Retreat: 2 Nov or 30 Nov | 9 for 9.30am to 4pm

All events take place at the Integral Health Studio, Constantia. For bookings and more information, email Ingrid. 

Where: Integral Health Studio, Colyn Rd, Sweet Valley, Constantia

Contact: | 082 925 0076
Facebook: ingrid.integralhealth
Instagram: integralhealthcapetown

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Every time you sigh, have the urge to stretch and yawn, or instinctively exhale in nature, your body is tapping into its innate ability to self-regulate. We are born with these embodied blueprints. However, stress or trauma may be the result in us losing our ability to tune into them. Therefore, at the heart of SomaSensing™ is Pandiculation – that early morning stretch and yawn, which revitalises the body. 

Yasmin, the founder of SomaSensing™ invites you to rediscover these blueprints, through sensory awareness. This helps you to calm the mind, find pain relief, and move in the way you were born to.

From 25 to 27 October, SomaSensing™ therapist, Nicholas McLean will introduce what it may be like to be guided to your intuitive nature through a Reflection Of Self Retreat in Hermanus. It is a space to be mindful, self-actualise and experience oneness. 

If you are a lover of movement, yoga teacher, dancer, coach, TRE practitioner or healthcare professional, you may want to join the SomaSensing™ Intuitive Movement Retreat taking place in January 2020. This retreat is not about fitness, but about wholeness; not about body-awareness, but self-awareness. 

The SomaSensing™ Intuitive Movement Retreat goes beyond a mechanical understanding of the body. It is an opportunity for you to consider the interconnectedness of the mind and body. In doing so, you will learn, amongst other things, how intuitive embodied movement blueprints can reshape the mind.

For more information on either of these retreats, contact Yasmin or Nicholas. 

Where: Hermanus and Swellendam

Contact: | | 082 437 9776
Website: bodysensingtherapy.comSomaSensing Intuitive Movement
Facebook: BodySensingguthealthyogi
Instagram: guthealthyogi

Finding Mindfulness in the Mother City


Since 2012, My Urban Retreat has developed from the concept that we can all have wellbeing, balance and serenity whilst going about our daily lives. There are little things we can do each day to help ourselves unwind, reduce stress and feel uplifted.

Charmaine Haig, the owner of My Urban Retreat, is an accredited International Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Therapist with 10 years of experience. Her holistic modalities can serve as a catalyst for your well-being journey.

She offers meditation and mindfulness classes, wellness workshops and weekend retreats. Her classes are a space in which to switch off, reduce stress and release anxiety as you find your ground and become mindful. Working with breath as well as nature, earth and universal energy, these classes bring you back into full balance on all levels. There are classes several times a week. Workshops constitute you learning practical tools which you can take home.

In her private practice, she shares knowledge from many backgrounds of alternative healing, which she continues to discover and learn as she travels the world in order to find new methods of energy healing. However, Reiki remains as her main modality.

If you are looking for further insight, Charmaine offers Holistic Consultations, Intuitive soul, aura and chakra readings as well as 1-2-1 guided meditations and journey work.

Where: Top Floor, 89 Kloof Nek Rd, Gardens/Tamboerskloof

Contact: | 073 410 9897
Facebook: myurbanretreats
Instagram: my_urban_retreat

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