Firehawk Fire Bellows


Fire bellows are handy and sustainable fireplace accessories that add convenience and character to your home decor. This ancient blacksmith invention is a great conversation starter that will get the flames going without testing your lungpower or reaching for toxic fire starters.

Handcrafted in Cape Town with quality materials and precision, the Firehawk range of fire bellows are available in various shapes and sizes to speed start or stoke a cosy fire at home or for your next braai.

Their premium range is made from imported Birch plywood for strength, durability and lightness, and comes in 5 great-looking designs all available in small or large size. Their traditional range uses caramel Bamboo for a darker colour but still maintaining a modern design and strength.

Firehawk Bellows also makes a unique and thoughtful gift idea for braai masters, fireplace homeowners, and corporates due to the classic design and practicality.

Get in touch with the team for more information on ordering your fire bellow, as well as retail and merchandising opportunities.

Tel: 021 447 1602
Facebook: @firehawkbellows
Instagram: @firehawk_bellows
Twitter: @firehawkbellows


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