Float Zero

Float-ZeroSouth Africa’s first Flotation Lab, Float Zero offers a simple way to achieve profound relaxation, meditation and wellness.

A beautifully designed Pod is filled with 25cm of water that has 350kgs of healing Epsom salts dissolved in it. The water is heated to body temperature so that you hardly feel it. The tank is light-proof, sound-proof and has a neutral smell. The buoyancy of the salt water eliminates all forces of gravity, while the Pod’s unique environment allows only minimal sensory input, providing benefits not just for health, but for personal development, spirituality, and well-being.

​PreNatal and Post Natal Floating

Floatation Therapy for pregnant women within their second and third trimesters can offer a wonderful level of relaxation and pain relief for an expectant mom, taking strain off the body and spine at a time when you may have trouble sleeping and even breathing. Floating Therapy is also an incredible experience in the fourth and fifth trimester, once the body has fully healed. 

Sports Recovery

Flotation can massively enhance the rate of recovery post physical exercise. The high concentration of Epsom salt reduces the stresses of gravity, taking the pressure off strained muscles, joints and bones. This increases the efficiency of the blood circulation and significantly improves recovery time after injury.  It also loosens the muscles and gives athletes a higher degree of control in their nervous systems, reducing injury risk during training/competition. 

Float Elements

Float Elements are like landscapes for the mind. Using sounds, music, and guided imagery, they relax the conscious mind, then gently engage and transport the floater to a place of deep learning in the subconscious where they can alter behaviour, improve performance and relieve physical conditions.


A cutting-edge filtering system ensures that the water remains 100% sterile. In addition, participants are required to shower before their float. Towels, shampoo, soap, earplugs, and other amenities are provided. Floaters have their own personal float room with open-air float tank, private shower, and dressing area, as well as full access to the after-float lounge directly outside the float room.
No clothing of any kind is allowed in the tanks for sanitary reasons, as well as both the overall physical and spiritual aspects of the experience.

Floats are regularly 60 minutes long. You can also book an express 30 minute Float between meetings in your busy day. Couples float sessions are also available.

“Something to be experienced!” Read Benn van der Westhuizen’s review of Float Zero.

Address: Shop No 5, 15 On Orange Hotel, Orange St, Cape Town
Operating Hours: 10am to 6.30pm daily
Cost: from R375 for 30 min  See full pricelist.

Tel: 021 224 0941
Email: info@floatzero.co.za
Website: www.float-zero.com
Facebook: Float-Zero


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