Nik Rabinowitz: Fortyfied


Nik Rabinowitz presents FORTYFIED – directed by Brent Palmer 


Nik Rabinowitz has just turned 40 and is on the verge of a midlife crisis. Except that apparently 40 is the new 30 so now he’s not sure when to have the crisis, which is a crisis in itself. He’s also just had a third baby – so really, he can’t have a midlife crisis – there’s no time! Sounds like fun yes? In the meantime, while he’s figuring all this out, he’s decided that instead of buying a Ferrari and abandoning his family, he’s going to put on another one man show – Fortyfied.

In Fortyfied, as in most of his previous shows, Nik explores a variety of subjects. There will be stories, there will be moments of discomfort, there will be accents. And – it will all be funny which is all you really have to know.  Historically speaking; most of you will enjoy it very much, a small minority will hate it, and yet another small minority will love it so much they’ll want to give a standing ovation but will feel too awkward to do so. To the latter, we urge you to overcome your fears before attending the show so that you can express yourselves fully when the moment comes – remember, standing ovations don’t start themselves.

Oh, and some of you will write letters telling Nik you’re disappointed that he talked about sex and used swear words. Nik’s been doing this for about 15 years now and that’s usually the way it goes.

Comic ‘Prince of One-liners’ Yaaseen Barnes is the opening act in Fortyfied, which was directed by Nik’s long term collaborator, the multi-talented Brent Palmer.

Fortyfied. It’s a pun, or a spelling error – depending on your worldview. Either way, it’s on at The Baxter from 6 December to 14 January 2017 at 8.30pm Tuesday to Saturday, with tickets from R100 to R150 per person. The show on New Year’s Eve is at 10.15pm with tickets at R255 per person. PG 16

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