Future Nostalgia | Collective Photographic Exhibition

2 to 16 October 2019

Future Nostalgia Collective Photographic ExhibitionLocal film photographer collective Analogue Cape Town presents their group exhibition Future Nostalgia.

With a global revival in film photography in effect, the local scene has not been left behind. Experiencing rapid growth over the past year, Analogue Cape Town now spills their creative works into local exhibition spaces.

12 of their photographers are included in this body of work, which takes a nostalgic look at subject matter from the past that still has modern relevance, and looks at how the two may interplay with, or over, time.

The exhibition aims to allow the concept to be individually interpreted by each photographer, and be malleable enough to create a visual of their own vision and style. All work exhibited is produced from various forms of film negatives.

With this exhibition, Future Nostalgia aims to start a regular series of exhibitions, hosted in various spaces in and around Cape Town.

Formed in 2018 amidst a growing revival in film photography, after nearly two decades of digital photography cementing its place, Analogue Cape Town aims to assist local film photographers source film, chemicals, cameras and darkroom equipment, which was becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. Coming together as a collective, sharing information, techniques and resources enables the group to locally stoke the embers of the global film photography revival and keep the community alive.

Venue: ElevenEleven Creative Space and Cape Film Supply, 15 Wandel St, Gardens, Cape Town
Time: Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm
Cost: Free

Tel: 082 499 5465
Email: mail@1111creativespace.com
Facebook: Future Nostalgia – Photographic exhibition by Analogue Cape Town | Analogue Cape Town
Instagram: @analoguecapetown 



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