Review: Three Blind Mice at Gate69


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We’re all familiar with the popular nursery rhyme told too many times to tame tired tots.

But like all fairy tales, the story of these three misfortuned mice has a dark, twisted and outright camp underbelly, hilariously portrayed by the talented cast at Gate69 Cabaret Theatre.

Gate69 is a one-of-a-kind intimate theatre situated on the corner of Bree and Hout streets in the heart of Cape Town’s CBD. The theatre’s purple and plush opulence is upstaged only by its hosts, The Trolley Dollies – three larger than life drag queens who epitomise glamour.

Led by platinum blonde bombshell Cathy Specific (Brendan van Rhyn), fellow Dollies Holly (the token ‘bitch’ of the group, portrayed by Christopher Dudgeon) and naive, red-headed poppie Molly (Rudi Jansen) return with the third installment of their annual adult pantomime series.

Narrated by Ballas the Dog (played by Luke Jansen), Three Blind Mice is the untold story of how the rodents became blind in the first place, and their run in with the farmer’s wife (Tessa Denton), her giant butcher’s knife and her obsession with chopping off tails… and anything else hanging between the legs.

But as the visually-challenged, appendage-free mice embrace a new fabulous lifestyle, they face another threat in Poes the Cat (Kyle Jardine) who foils their plans to take revenge on the embittered farmer’s wife.

With classic musical hits reworked to tell the stories of the characters, the cast sings, dances and curses their way through the clever dialogue, entertaining storyline and below-the-belt humour.

If luxury is what you’re after, be prepared to be wined and dined with true red carpet treatment. An evening at Gate69 not only promises great entertainment but complimentary bubbly,  a delicious mezze platter and warm soup for dinner and their signature purple Tequila soft serve ice cream.

But be prepared to be shocked too. Like Cathy says, you haven’t experienced Cape Town until you’ve been to Gate 69!

Aubrena Armstrong

The Three Blind Mice runs at Gate69 until 21 December 2019. 


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