Goa Yoga Studio


Goa Yoga StudioGoa Yoga studio has two core intentions: honouring and upholding the traditions of Yoga and ensuring that students leave the studio feeling inspired, energised, relaxed and cared for. Their close-knit, ‘yoga family’ supports these intentions with attentive sessions, tranquility and positive vibes. The shala’s 13 expert instructors all bring something different to their classes, but find commonality in the fact that they teach with authenticity and focus on all the beneficial aspects of yoga: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Goa Yoga Studio is situated in a prime location, giving students the opportunity to enjoy a stroll, grab a cup of coffee or sit down for a meal after class at the Eden on the Bay Centre. Indeed, due to the close proximity to the coast, the crisp smell of the sea may even inspire an impromptu dip in the ocean before or after class.

Goa Yoga Studio offers Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha which will aid body conditioning while boosting energy, as well as Kundalini yoga, Restorative Meditation and Yin & Yang yoga for a more holistic approach to wellness. And if your interest in yoga is founded on the physical rather than great spiritual benefits, Vinyasa Play offers their unique twist with playful inversions while getting a solid workout.

Venue: Eden on the Bay, Big Bay, Cape Town
Times: Various morning, noon, and evening slots from Monday to Sunday. View the detailed class schedule on their website.

Tel: 082 603 5253
Email: goayogastudio@gmail.com
Website: goayoga.co.za
Facebook: @goayoga.co.za
Instagram: @goayogastudio


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