The Grand White 2018

24 to 24 February 2018

grand whiteThe popular Grand White event returns to Cape Town to celebrate its 5th anniversary.

The goal is to spend an afternoon and evening together with friends and family — at a secret location in a city. Guests are required to be dressed in white with a touch of green. There is a variety of food, live music, speeches and entertainment.

Guests can choose whether to bring their own picnic baskets or purchase baskets online via catering companies. The venue is only revealed to ticket holders closer to the date of the event.

Venue: Secret location
Time: 12pm to 10pm
Cost: R390 – R580

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Tel: 011 880 2199
Facebook: TGWSA
Twitter: thegrandwhite

grand white

WIN WITH WHAT’S ON IN CAPE TOWN: To stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to The Grand White 2018 (Area C), simply leave your full name and a comment below. Draw takes place on 15 February 2018.
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  1. OMW..never been to one of these…would loooove to go..heard it ooozzes of fun ..I’d love to feel free with the grass between my toes…

    Please please please…..

  2. I will most likely walk out of there with my clothes covered in wine…I’m re worst with wine attire BUT so keen to risk it for the biscuit!

  3. I have never attended the Grand White party and would LOVE to get the opportunity to attend. Heard so many great things about the event!

  4. What a lovely way to spend a day just wearing white elevates a persons mood, i have never heard of this event but it sounds lovely

  5. My friend and her husband both turned 40 and I was hoping to give them an experience of note, to remember for the next 40 years!! These tickets would be AMAZING!


  7. Now this is how you celebrate Valentines Day! It is a perfect way to forget about the rush of life and time, and just relax and have fun.

  8. I’m always admiring the after pictures and would really LOVE to attend this at least once in my lifetime !!!!!, it looks like so much fun and a chance to dress up all in white – superb !!! keeping fingers crossed……

  9. This would be absolutely perfect as a wedding anny for myself and my hubby….. seein that it our anniversary is on the 24th february.

  10. Wow! This took FOREVER to get to the bottom of the list of entries! I can see why! I’d like to experience why too! Please pick me!!

  11. TGWP- I would love to be part of the Grand White Party. Please make me the happiest birthday girl, I’ll be celebrating my 35th birthday on the 23rd of February, so for me this will be the sweetest birthday present ever.

  12. I would love to experience the grand white party with my boyfriend. And we are celebrating 6 years of being in a relationship this month. This would be an awesome gift for us

  13. Just by looking at the pictures and by listening from people that have been in the event this is really what I need this year. This is the year of change to me.

  14. What an amazing experience this would be for a single mommy (or 2) to attend and just breathe a bit. We all want to play dress up no matter how old we are, I know I sure do in order to regain some semblance of sanity😊

  15. This would be such an amazing experience and also an opportunity to see one of my favourite South African celebs and also attend the event for the very first time #ItMustBethatAfricanButter

  16. would be an experience of a lifetime for me if I get to attend this grand occasion….been in awe far too long of wanting to be part of an all white affair.

  17. Every year when I see the pics I get so jealous because I so much want to attend. It looks like so much fun. Everybody is happy and one can feel the energy in the the pics. Maybe this year is my chance!! I would LOVE to win and be part of this kinda fun!

  18. Good food, bubbly, music and laughter – surrounded by white and green! What a fabulous way to spend my last weekend in Cape Town after a 10 year adventure in the city! It can only be upwards and onwards from here! #thePerfectFarewell @Sibahle Magadla

  19. We don’t deserve it any more than anyone else but we have had 2 very stressful years and although in our fifties and sixties ( most of the time feeling much younger ), would love this opportunity to unwind, throw caution to the wind and party like the Kennedys!!

  20. Hi, I’ve attended the Grand White Party with a friend and the experience was out of this world. I would love to be part of this year’s Grand White in Cape Town on the 28 February 2018. To celebrate its 5th anniversary and also my friends 34th birthday (Nokhanyo Dadamasi).

  21. Lize-mari Erasmus

    I would love to be part of this event, only heard great things from my friends.
    Well done on organizing a great event every year! 🔥❤️

  22. He’s never been and I would like to take him
    My love and I doing Grande White 2018 for our 5th Anniversary

    • The Grand White.. Wow I’d definitely love to be part of this experience plus Mafikizolo and Bonang are winning, great entertainers

  23. The Grand White event is in it’s 5th year and sadly I have never attended it at all. Winning this competition would be an amazing experience and fun from what I have seen following on social media. Best of all the surprise of a secret location, Bonang as the host and Mafikizolo…a grand kickoff to 2018!

  24. February is my birthday month and this year I am turning 30. I had planned to celebrate in style and The Grand White was part of the celebrations however due my studies I am unable to afford the tickets. I will be doing my 1st level of a Postgraduate Diploma and registration with textbooks costs close to 10k. Winning these tickets would mean I get to enjoy my birthday month the way I wanted to and it will also be a nice last party as the studies will keep me so occupied I won’t even have a social life. Oh! plus I would love to meet Bonang, I feel like we should be friends but she just doesn’t know that yet. 😜

  25. The Grand White event is in it’s 5th year and sadly I have never attended it at all. Winning this competition would be an amazing experience and fun from what I have seen following on social media. Best of all the surprise of a secret location, Bonang as the host and Mafikizolo…a grand kickoff to 2018!

  26. I would love top be a part of grand white ’cause partying, I can do all night, when you do the wrong things things right!

  27. Grand secret location here I come dressed in white with a touch of green! Pick me to attend this extraordinary prestigious event, you won’t be sorry! Please!

  28. Would love to be part of the Grand White, Cape Town …was a regular at the Grand White in Denver,Colorado. We would get our SMS at 18h00, revealing the view 😁
    Heidi Middleton


  30. i would love to be part of this amazing experience. please pick me.
    starting to live my life again and experiencing new things. this will be one of the things to do on my list.


  32. I declared this year as a year of FUN & doing things i have never done before. Attending this event with my bestie would be an exceptional experience 🙂

  33. I would love to win this ticket as the host is one one of my role models in S.A..been discussing the event with my sister and it’ll be out first even to attend in CPT.All the way from Pretoria!

  34. I would love to win these tickets because the event is happening during my birthday weekend( my birthday is on Monday, 26 February) and it be a great way to celebrate turning 20something. Meeting Bonang would be a great bonus. I have already planned my outfit in my mind

  35. This would be a dream come through to finally meet Bonang Matheba, have been to some events that’s she’s hosted and attended here in Cape Town but not once have I gotten the chance to meet her. I’m hoping I could get that chance at The Grand White.

  36. My hubby is turning the BIG 40 in Feb
    Would be a blessing for him to go to something like this to celebrate
    As we do not go out as often

  37. I would love to win a ticket to the Grand White I have never been to an event as such so it would really be lovely to get such opportunity il cross my fingers

  38. Kelly Maasdorp
    I’d love to experience The Grand White party for the first time. Especially with the love of my life.

  39. What an awesome way to spend a beautiful day in the sun during the month of love, Love the picnic basket option and the online purchase that can be made.

  40. Wow, it’s going to be my first time in Cape Town. Coming down on the 24th for my birthday on the 25th of February. This would be great.!

  41. Cape town is literally the best host city for these exclusive events, with our world class venues and amazing people, i am looking forward to this epic event

  42. The #GrandWhiteParty is one of thee events I would love to attend this 2018, its full of angelic souls and great entertainment


  43. My boyfriend is arriving from the UK in a few weeks and his birthday is on 23 February. This would be an awesome way to celebrate his homecoming and his birthday 🙂

  44. We are new to Cape Town and we would love to win these two tickets to experience what appears to be a fun concept all dressed in white. Hopefully, we meet new people and potentially new friends…..

  45. This would be an fantastic way for my husband and I to celebrate our 10th anniversary which happens on the 23rd February this year!


  46. If I should win this will be my first time and the best platform to finally come out with the one ive fallen inlove with.

  47. Zwelibanzi Modimogale

    This seems like it would be a jump a real lituation, i would love to attend with my partner amazing…!

  48. Never attended one & this would definitely be awesome to experience. Nothing like a secret venue, great music and a theme to get the party going. I’m ready for a grand ‘ol time!

  49. I was told about this by my friend and I would love to experience just what the Grand White is all about. It would be a nice gift since I was out of work for a whole year and I had no social life this would be awesome to get back to reality I think.

  50. That would be an amazing social event to interact with people.share knowledge and different point of perspective.would be nice to take the birthday girl out.might get iinspiration for my art works

  51. seriously!!! to be a part of this fabulous experience with my gorgeous husband would be the cherry on the top to celebrate life and all that is spectacular in our beautiful Cape Town. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people all having a good time….celebrating. A bucket list kinda thing to do with friends and family alike…please choose us

  52. I have never been to anything like this and would really love the opportunity to attend and enjoy this auspicious event!

  53. I would like to win 2 tickets for my parents. It is my moms birthday on the 5th of Feb she will be 50. This will be an awesome experience for them. They always so busy with helping others that they forget about themselves. They are fun loving people. Grand white is the perfect event to show the love

  54. Would love to be part of this lovely event, sounds great! always wanted to go to Grand white party…..part of my bucket list, which i hopefully will tick off soon 🙂 would love to experience it!!

  55. Nicole van der Merwe

    Would be a great gift for hubby! Recently moved here from a small town in KZN. Would be another great experience for us here in the Cape!

  56. Wow!! This is so elegant. Growing up in Jozi, we never really had these beautiful and unique events to go to. Now, living in Cape Town…Hubby and I are wanting to explore more of this beautiful city!! This would be such a treat, just to be a part of the day’s fun and to try not mess any red wine on our beautiful whites:)

  57. This would be AMAZING.
    I would love to go with my partner which works in the hospitality industry. If you know the hospitality industry, you will know that it’s long hours and hard work. This would be a great opportunity to just unwind and enjoy this event 🙂

  58. It would be something amazing that i can share with my other half. We have a long distant relationship. We started chatting the 28th Feb and been together since March ,its nearly been a year. He is from Italy and we only get to see each other when he is on business this side. I would love to do something special and i think this is perfect. Would love to share our first Year with all of You.

    Best Regads

  59. Tanya Van der westhuizen

    I would love to attend this event. It would be a 1st time for me and I think it should be an awesome experience…

  60. Wow, this looks like an amazing event. I would love to spoil my partner in everything to this special occasion as we both have never been before <3

  61. I have heard about this amazing event for a couple of years now and would love to go – fingers crossed 2018 is the year!

  62. Singing ,,,,,,It’s gonna be a party All ! hands in the air , drinks everywhere all white everywhere/

    Would love to experience this

  63. The more you give of yourself, the more you find yourself, It has been 3 consecutive years with Grand white I would like to be part of Cpt too

  64. Inga Rae Solomons

    I’ve heard wonderful things about this event in the past, so to experience it myself would be just awesome.

    p.s. I have a white outfit all ready 🙂

    Inga Rae Solomons

  65. I’m so excited… and I can’t hide it! I so want to be part of this picnic next year. I gotta be there!!!! yhuuuu shame! Hello White and Green!

  66. I’m so excited… and I can’t hide it! I so want to be part of this picnic next year. I gotta be there!!!! yhuuuu shame!

  67. I’m an outdoor events fanatic – how did I miss this one – Year 5 sounds like a good start. Would love the experience and will bring my awesome band of bro’s and sista’s White & Green rocks

  68. Seems like my comment was not uploaded 🙁 Let’s try again!
    This event has everything I love! Dressing up, being elegant and extravagant as well as the outdoors. Plus, there is an added bit of mystery which makes things so much better. Defs something for my bucket list. Please make my dreams come true :).

  69. This sounds like a truly memorable event. I’ve never been and would love to experience it. please let me win the tkts 🙂

  70. Brilliant White. Crisp, clean, bright, sparkling, pure fun!!! This will indeed be a Grand event in a Grand city.

  71. I am definitely going to be part this is AWESOME! it will be the best birthday present for my friends, looking forward!!!!!!

  72. Always admired the past grand white events because it looks beautiful with everyone in this colour, and I would really love to be able to attend this event as it looks like lots of fun to be had !!

  73. Wow, seems like an amazing event, something that i have only seen on movies. Best gift would be this tickets even though I am a leap year baby, I still celebrate my birthday, but would love to celebrate it this year in style! Hope i get this opportunity..

  74. Mandlakazi Somdaka

    For the past 2 years been planning to go with friends but it has never happened, would be amazing to finally go…

  75. I would love to surprise my husband with an evening at the Grand White to reconnect after the birth of our first born later this year.

  76. I would love to attend the Grand White again. It was a great experience with my friends. Absolutely amazing.
    Please pick me.

  77. Looks and sounds like fun! Would love to surprise my husband by keeping it a secret from him till the day… Holding thumbs!

  78. Mrs Felicia Truter

    This sounds absolutely wonderful. I am new in Capetown and will love to attend this secret function. Thankyou for inviting us, I do hope I am one of the lucky persons.

  79. Lirentha Sopnath

    There is always first time for everything… this would definitely be one for me. Can’t wait to experience it!

  80. Yeah.. would be a perfect birthday gift to me… I’m turning the big 40! please make my wishe come true.. would dine in Pure Grand.. nesss..

  81. It is my mothers birthday on the date of the Grand White, it would be ideal to take her out on her special day.
    Help me to help her celebrate it in style as the angel she is!

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